Metro Diaries: You, me and Love ~Part 1

For me airports have been a place where memories are made for that is the place where some are trying to let go while few are trying to hold on... a beautiful amalgamation of what this whole life is all about. I always love being there for my imagination manages to grab a thread out of those wonderful memories being created and weave a story around it.
I love those moments where I cease to exist and what exist are those moments, all around. One such winter morning I was hurrying towards the check in counter for I feared I would be late for my flight when my eyes fell on them. A young couple must in early thirties, couldn’t take their eyes off each other as they waited patiently for their turn. The smiles on their faces so evident of the joy their life was filled with. “Must be newly married”, I mused and proceeded towards the security check.

P.S: This post has been removed as it has been chosen to be a part of a book. 
Source: Google Images

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