Random Thoughts

Life is like sky- vast, colourful and beyond our imagination. Nobody knows where they end and yet we try to capture its beauty in every possible manner. The desire to touch it is eternal, just like love. 

At times it becomes a blanket engulfing us in its warmth and letting us bask in the hues. While other times it becomes the cool breeze that soothes our aching heart. It spreads its arms widely enough, beckoning us with adulation to enter a world where the stars shine at every step. 

Asking us to dream, make a wish and desire for it to come true. The clouds sing in tandem with our heartbeats doing a dance of joy. Just as you are lost in the beauty of it all somewhere amidst those magical twinkles a star falls down, just to make our wish come true!

Picture copyright Privy Trifles

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