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At times just having faith in your ability is not enough; you need someone to believe in your faith ~N

This thought got reinstated to me few days back. It happened something like this:
One fine morning I find a very strange mail in my inbox. Strange because I am usually used to either book review requests or comments on my blog. Here this email claimed to be from the Marketing team of a production house asking me to review their latest release.  
My first reaction I smiled. "Kisi ne galti se bhej diya hoga!!" ( Translated: Someone must have sent by mistake) Or "Mass mailing!!" and the issue was forgotten. Now me being the OCD person I am, I have to reply / act on an email before moving it into a folder in my mailbox. So every time I logged in I saw this mail staring back at me, in its entire opulence inviting me closer.
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After having avoided it for almost an entire day I finally thought of replying. Well that's basic courtesy I believe. So I wrote to them, stating am the wrong person for such reviews and I also referred the name of a blogger friend who does excellent movie reviews. Now this email could be moved into the folder , finally I smirked.
For me the issue was closed and done with but the next day I was in for some surprise. As I logged into my inbox the first thing I saw was a reply from the team. My immediate thoughts must be an auto acknowledgement but well, no that wasn't the case.
The mail was addressed to me, "Dear Privy Trifles, ........" it began and went on to highlight as to how this wasn't something every blogger was sent. They had gone through my reviews blog and had liked the way I wrote a review. Hence that mail was specifically meant for me. Further they urged me to try writing a review saying there is always a first time and they would love to be the first ones on my blog.
Now this made me sit up and see that actually all their emails were addressed to me till now. I wasn't a bcc rather it was To : Me - all this confirmed what they were claiming and yes their belief in me touched me a lot. Not to forget that the movie (Kya Dilli Kya Lahore) was inviting enough as it had Gulzar Saab and partition in it!
So there began a process of listening to each and every song of the movie, reading all that was there on the internet, finding posters and there was THIS post born. A very sweet fellow blogger  Beloo Mehra commented on this as it held two of her favourites too - Partition and Gulzar Saab. Her thoughts made me think more and more about this issue leading to the next post as well. Thereafter life moved onto some more clicks and typing on the keyboard with this thing long forgotten till Sunday night.
For that night unknown to me a small surprise was awaiting me here:
Yes!! Yours truly won the first prize in something I never thought I could even write in the first place. A special thanks to that angel who replied to my email that day encouraging me that day to write this and to Beloo for making me think on few things I had conveniently ignored. Her last comment on my most made it all seem worthwhile. The prizes are secondary as primarily this proved that someone else's faith in your sometimes makes you do wonders!
Lessons Learnt: Life sends you some of the most wonderful lessons in the most unexpected forms.

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