Life's Lessons

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Having written so much about all that happened in the last few months and making it so evident (with my absence from blogosphere) today I want to share some very beautiful lessons that phase left me with. For I believe everything in life happens for a reason, though we might not know it right now. We will definitely know it at the right time. As of now the time is right to bask in the magic of the lessons this phase has brought along: 

  1. Never let anyone else decide your strength – Many times it happens in life that you are facing a terrible crisis, one that makes you feel as if it’s the end of the world. It is not, a part of you knows that and yet you are trying to regain your strength to face it. When you meet someone who makes tall claims about how they have faced things worse than this and how it is peanuts for you to fret over it so much. I am sure each one of us has met such people. It is hurtful to hear such words but remember no one knows your strength as much as you do. And no one knows the pain you are bearing as much as you do. Each and every individual has his or her own endurance. God will never give one a problem that is larger than his or her own bearing capacity, remember that. And don’t let those harsh words belittle all your efforts and make you re look at your own strengths. 
  2. Believe - In God, in Destiny and most importantly in yourself Such difficult times more often than not make you question everything around you, including God and your own self. Don’t let that happen. In the worst scenarios when hope is steadily dwindling remember what brought you till here in the first place. THAT very thing will carry you till the end as well, just believe. 
  3. Do, because YOU want to and not because someone else suggested you to. As is the case with our country everyone wants to give free advice to the sufferer irrespective of their own experience in that field or if the sufferer really needs it or not. It is that moment you need to remember to listen to your heart. Pleasing someone else might not lead you anywhere but pleasing yourself surely will. Follow that advice only if your heart agrees to it completely. Till then just keep listening to all that is being said as if a radio were playing in the background. 
  4. Learn to dance in the storm, slowly yet steadily. It is at such times that you learn how to dance in the story for that is the only way to sail through. You have by now concluded that there is no escaping from this storm possible and hence the only way to adapt to it to learn how to dance in it. One step at a time, slowly and steadily till the time you master the art of doing it completely. 
  5. Life doesn’t define you, you define LIFE Always remember life doesn’t define you. You define LIFE through your actions, words, thoughts and most importantly gestures. What you wish for others or the way you treat people who have done bad to you speaks volumes about you as a human being. And that is what is the key to being human. 
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  6. Let go of all that holds you back, including toxic people. At such phases a cleaning spree from time to time is mandatory. Cleaning up personal spaces with regard to things which create unnecessary clutter, give out negative vibes, bring forth bad memories or worse push you to take a walk down the memory lane should be directly thrown out of the window. Yes, there are people who also fall into this category. They are toxic and threaten to ruin whatever little peace of mind you are holding onto. NO, don’t throw them out of the window but yes do let them go out of our lives in a quiet manner by showing them the exit. 
  7. Remember you could, you can and you will Like I have always said the problem in being a Sachin Tendulkar in life is that one gets used to our success. Failure is something that is looked down upon. But what they forget it that who can do it once can do it all over again; for everything else can be lost but the ability to do it can never be. Have faith in your own abilities and remember that you did it once so you can do it all over again and again ! 
  8. When you say you are in pain and someone asks you the whats/hows/ whys instead of hugging you then they don’t deserve to know the answer. The person who genuinely cares for you will not ask you such questions rather they will come and hug you. This is empathy and not sympathy. This is called understanding of a loved one’s pain and trying to know how badly it must be hurting them for them to voice it out like this. And if this is not the natural reaction then it is a rude wake up call for you to understand where you stand in that person’s life. You are being treated as a juicy gossip like a source of entertainment and nothing else! 
  9. Learn to listen to your body along with your heart and soul. In the day to day running around that we do for chasing our dreams we forget that we have a body too that speaks. We listen to our heart and soul but seldom to our body who also bears the brunt of our adventures, to reach a limit where our body has a complete breakdown. I experienced it and it has taught me the importance of listening to my body as well. This is the way to remain healthy, for without that I will not be able to chase my dreams. 
  10. Whatever goes, comes back in abundance – that is the rule of nature. Never cry for all that is gone. Remember the rule of nature that is displayed by the sea – Life is full of ebbs and tides. Whatever goes away comes back in abundance and whatever comes also has the fear of going away attached to it. Never try to hang onto them for they are not eternal. YOU are the eternal truth of life! Live every moment fully.

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