Metro Diaries: Love revisited ~ Part 2

In continuation to Part 1

Everything seemed to be good till the moment someone complimented Rhea; a very normal casual compliment that one gives socially at times out of courtesy and can actually be ignored completely. On reaching home before Rhea could say a word she felt a tingling sensation on her right cheek Pranoy had slapped her hard.

Too shocked to react, she started quaking in fear. “How dare you dress up so much... you want to look pretty to other men?” He screamed and pulled her hair, dragging her towards the wall and pushing her hard against it. He pinned her down forcefully and kept abusing her till she lost conscious. The next day when she woke up she couldn’t remember what had happened last night until she saw the marks on her face and everything came back to her memory.

Those slaps, abuses… everything. Like a child who is scared of his bully and doesn’t tell anyone fearing more bullying Rhea kept this secret to herself. She felt if she kept him happy this will never happy again and they will forget it like a bad dream. Sadly that never happened. Rather with every passing day the reality kept getting darker, making it difficult for Rhea to survive. By now she had gotten used to this kind of living. Gone was the chirpy Rhea who loved life. She had been replaced by a Rhea who was scared of everything; most importantly she was scared of living. Joy tried knocking her door once again when she came to know she was pregnant.

On hearing the news she consoled herself, “This could be the end perhaps.” Pranoy called both the parents and informed them about this great news. Everyone was jubilant. It all seemed fine till the fourth month when Rhea’s mother suggested her coming to India for her delivery and she broached this topic with Pranoy. After that, however much she tried recollecting Rhea could never recollect the exact flow of incidents. All she remembered was waking up in a hospital. She was informed that she had slipped the stairs and hence had had a miscarriage.

She looked at a shameless Pranoy standing near the door as if it was all her fault. Worst, he tried justifying to her. “Had you not made me so angry our baby would have been alive today? It is all because of you!” Rhea was shocked. She didn’t know whether to cry for the death of her unborn child or to cry because she was still alive. Pranoy had killed her only hope of living and was now blaming her for it. The hatred and anger kept building inside her with only her words echoing from within, “This could be the end perhaps...” She knew she had had enough of this all and she had to go away from all this before he killed her one day and claimed it as suicide. She didn’t trust this man any more, he was capable of anything. Luckily she had her passport with her and at an opportune moment she ran away from there. She ran away from the hell that she was living in since past one year; she ran away from death… she ran away from the nightmare her life had become… she ran away to life.

 ~To be Part 3

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