Metro Diaries: Love revisited~ Part 1

Rhea stood at the window sill staring at the sunset, without realizing the sun was no longer there. What remained was a sky with various hues, waiting to merge with the night. Her life also seemed like that off late. She seemed to be endlessly waiting for a new beginning but that kept evading her like a mirage. Or maybe it was all a fragment of her imagination. 

Last 5 years had been like a dream for her. Having woken up from a deadly nightmare come true in the past, a dream was what it all seemed like in the present. Rhea Chakraborthy – a 30 year old advertising professional in Mumbai was serendipity personified. With a thriving career path waiting for her just at the doorstep, she was living every moment that life sent her with gusto. 

What many didn’t know was 5 years ago this very Rhea Chakraborthy was something that even she couldn’t recognize in the mirror. A darling daughter to doting parents, she always had the best of things in life- convent education, loving childhood, the freedom to follow her heart and loving parents to support her in everything that she wanted to. Apart from her perfectly chiseled looks, she was also a bright student who won many accolades throughout her school and college. She was what one called a perfect combination of beauty and brains. The sparkling diamond in her already shining crown came in the form of Pranoy Biswas – tall, dark, handsome, Ivy League education and working in a multinational bank in London, he was the dream man every girl dreamt of. 

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Before Rhea could comprehend anything, she was swept off her feet by Pranoy. She complimented his debonair looks with her demure beauty perfectly. She could see the pride in her parents’ eyes of having found the best for their daughter. Everyone called them a match-made-in-heaven, and so she believed as she held onto his hand firmly trying to match his steps as they entered Heathrow Airport to begin a new life together. India seemed like a distant dream now, with the only memory of her parents smiling faces clearly etched in her mind. 

Having been brought up witnessing a happy and fulfilling marriage of her parents she had grown up to believe that marriages are always like that. She, was born a princess, brought up like one and had always been told that life is a beautiful fairy tale with only happily ever after for her. Life began to unfold for Rhea slowly in every moment that she spent with Pranoy and what she witnessed was a huge contrast to it all. 

Pranoy was a highly controlling guy with severe anger management issues. He wanted things his way; there was no other possibility that existed for him. And once that demon called anger entered his body, all his education, sophistication and manners went out of the window. It began with small things that he broke at home in fit of anger. Rhea the timid soul was too scared to react to anything. Once he was back to normal, Pranoy would seek for forgiveness and go out of the way to ensure a smile on her face. Rhea didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad, she didn’t know what would trigger him. She constantly lived in fear, that of irking him and inviting his wrath. She never realized when her fear became his strength and gradually from those inanimate objects at home, she became the target of his anger. 

She remembered that day clearly. It was just 6 months to their marriage and Pranoy had been promoted at his workplace. He had been invited for a party for its celebration and Rhea had accompanied him there. 

~To be continued in Part 2

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