Metro Diaries: The Last Letter ~ Part 2

In continuation to Part~ 1

The year was 1947 and India was fighting the worst battle it would or could ever till now. For a Mother both her sons were at logger heads and it was a painful sight. Murders, massacres, rapes, burning houses and abandoned streets were all that was visible around. Somewhere beneath this pain and agony two young lovers Saru and Manu were holding onto each moment of what was perhaps their last meeting. 

Petite and demure Saru complimented the debonair Manu in every manner; their love resplendent in their eyes every time they were together. Clutching her hands tightly Manu looked into her eyes trying to promise her something which he did not know whether he would stand by or not. She squeezed his hands reassuringly as if to say fear not, I know it will all be fine. 

With a very heavy heart Manu got up to leave, turning around after every step to see a teary faced Saru waving him a good-bye. Looking at his silhouette from a distance Saru sent a silent prayer to God for his safety. Having grown up together there was nothing that she could imagine in her life without him. When he had decided to follow his dream and join the Indian Army she was the only one who had stood by him. Yet today for a moment her patriotism had taken a back seat with her heart ruling her mind making her want to stop him this moment and never let him go. 

As he went out of sight she turned around moving to her house with a pain that just refused to go away from her heart.

Silent breeze rustling leaves and a faint music in the heart, Reminiscence of the beautiful time spent together, Wish I could hold you back today, tonight and forever; Or maybe just pause the time and let you go away never! 

The war went on for months together during which letters were the only form of contact they had. Letters full of love, dreams, hopes, desires and wishes were exchanged which made days easier to pass by. Though the news in the papers was always very scary Sarayudevi never believed them. She knew her prayer for his safety would be heard. After all he had to come back for their child, who was currently safely nestled in her womb. The intensity of the war kept increasing with every passing day creating fear in their hearts leading to more frequent letters. Sometimes it would happen that before she could send a reply a new letter would have already arrived and sometimes he would get two letters at the same time to be replied to. 

Everything seemed perfectly in tandem with their thoughts till one fine day when the replies stopped coming. No amount of letters from Sarayudevi’s end led to a reply, making her worst fear come true. However much she wanted to convince her heart it came back to her saying she was lying. The newspapers were screaming blood that’s what she remembered each time she tried consoling her heart and the never ending battle between a rational mind and an irrational heart would begin. One day her heart was tired of the wait and she wrote a last letter to him: 

Dearest Manu, 

Life is the most uncertain thing to exist and amidst this uncertainty the only certainty I have to cling onto is your love. It is magic the way your love resonates with my entire being making me glow. Every time I think of you the smile that appears on my face is an answer enough to tell what you mean to me. Yes Manu you are the laughter of my life, the reason why I smile and the reason why I am alive. I am scared as I fear my worst fears have come true about losing you. But then I remember what you always used to say I am a part of you and I never believed you. 

But today I can feel a part of you within me, making me feel the oneness that we share. I had promised you when you had left that I will wait for you till eternity to come back and I will abide by that. Till the time you comeback I will be here, waiting for you. I don’t know where you, how you are and why have you not been replying to my letters since so long. I just pray wherever you are, you are surrounded with love and joy always! 

Yours, forever 

Sarayudevi did not know if that letter ever reached Maniksinh or not for she never heard from him ever after that last letter. 

~ To be continued in Part 3

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