Love, is.

Holding your hand I look behind once to see all that was mine till now, 
The reflections of the bygone era look back at me, some smiling some crying, some beckoning and some biding a goodbye.
I wish I could hold onto them for a moment more; 
For they hold memories galore. 
As I stride ahead clasping to hope, I reminisce the yesterdays that surround me. 
Will the laughters of tomorrow reflect the smiles I gave yesterday? 
The mirror that awaits me, will it reflect what I leave behind today? 
The single flame of desire that is fueling my thoughts, One that is the wind beneath my wings, 
Will it continue to smolder the way it does now forever? 
Amidst all the tornado building around me I feel the faint smell of spring, 
Your hand on mine, I stare into the thousands of possibilities that you bring along. 
Enchanting me with your smile you keep staring into my deep brown eyes making me wonder what you see, As if to answer you come hither to whisper, “A thousand sunrises cannot match the sparkle of your eyes.” With that you rest everything else to peace as my questions no longer seem unanswered. 
Love is what is and Love is what it will be!

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