Metro Diaries: Perpetuity

Sleep deserted her somewhere in the wee hours of morning making her lie awake on the bed. She gazed around to see her body neatly coiled around his. She couldn’t move without having to wake him up. Just one glance at his sleeping face and she fell in love with him all over again. She kissed his nose lightly enough to not wake him up and cuddled up closer. He was so deep in sleep, blissfully unaware of the turmoil in her mind that he didn’t even budge with all this commotion. 

She giggled at her own thoughts. His one arm went over her back holding her from her shoulders. Tightly enough to let her know she was held close and loosely enough to not make her feel uncomfortable. She had begun to love this so much that now she found it difficult to sleep without it. If there were nights when he was working late she would end up falling asleep next to him as he worked on his laptop snuggling as close as she could. His touch, she yearned for it in every manner. It seemed to soothe her in a way that all the hurt, all those injuries that life brought along were healed with just a hug. Yes, he was that for her. 

Lying down there next to him her thoughts began to drift. They first halted at last night. She blushed remembering their love making. He still made her blush, she wondered. Even after 10 years of being together his one glance was enough to make her feel like a teenager and his one touch to set her body on fire. She smiled as she thought of the first time he had kissed her, tenderly at first and then a bit hungrily. 

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He had introduced her to a newer she, one who knew what she wanted. With his kisses, he taught her to know her desires, with his love he showed her what dreams are all about and holding his hand she learnt how to fly, high and touch the sky. Deep within her hearts she knew it was him. Had to be him and if not him then nobody else. Given a thought, she didn’t know how it all had started and sometimes her heart feared to think of how it all will end. Her thoughts had now taken a flight of their own. 

Was it when he had sent 11 roses with a note “You are my world” to her after a bitter fight over something really obnoxious? Or was it sometime during those thousands of love emails she had written to him? No, she doubted if it was while making that scrap book of memories together that she felt it was him. 

Suddenly she sensed him turning towards her and pulling her closer in his embrace. With his half opened eyes he saw her, kissed her forehead before hugging her tightly and saying,’ I love you.” To which she smiled and whispered, ”I love you too.” At that moment she knew this was the beginning and ending of it all. And as long as that was it, nothing else mattered.

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