The Pawn - Part 3

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 In continuation to previous parts : Part 1 | Part 2 

After what seemed like eternity Shekhar walked up to Aisha and said in a requesting tone, “Madam, we are extremely sorry about this entire episode. We request you not to report us otherwise we all stand to lose our jobs for having done such a shabby work.” 

Aisha continued talking in her stone cold voice,” If we don’t tell them this, what do we tell them? What have you been here since past 5 days?” 

“Madam we need some more time and this time we assure you we will nail down the culprit correctly. 

“Ok… but this time I won’t tolerate any nonsense from you all. I can give you only 3 days this time. Mind it. Only three days. You either make it by then or I will ensure you are forced to make it. I hope I am clear.” She told them sternly. “You all may leave now.” 

After all of them had left the cabin Aisha stood at the window for long looking at the darkness which was slowly descending on the city. The happenings of the day had left her exhausted and she could sense a mild headache beginning to form. Thinking about all that made her feel disgusted and she just picked up her hand bag deciding to leave for the day. 


Sitting in the car Aisha fished out her Blackberry from her purse and began typing a message. Listening to Take a Bow by Rihanna...Having sent it, she heaved a sigh of relief and began to smile. Be cautious she remembered his advice, in today’s times even an SMS can be intercepted. Cautious, that’s exactly what she had been always and all ways. Smirking at her own smartness she glanced at the driver once, which was a signal for him to take her home.


Maria smiled long after she had hung up the phone. Talking to Thomas always did that to her. It had just been few months of knowing him but it felt as if she knew him since ages. She thought of all the moments associated with him- the day when she had met Thomas for the first time, their first date and then the day when he met her father; everything seemed so perfect. 

It had to be for he was just perfect for her in every manner. He understood her admiration for Aisha and would listen to her patiently when she talked about her at length. 

Once she asked him “Don’t you get bored?” 

He flashed his sweetest smile and said,” I love hearing the joy in your voice when you talk about her.” 

Today she had told him about all that happened at office and how for a moment she was scared fearing her heart would break. Even in her worst nightmares she could not imagine Aisha doing all this. For 26 year old Maria this was her first corporate job. 

After having finished her masters she was content working as a teacher in a nearby missionary school leading a simple life when her father came across this job opening in Zeus Bank one day. The pay definitely was attractive and her father wanted her to try as day by day it was getting difficult for him to make the two ends meet. 

She never anticipated she would get this job given her inexperience but her joy knew no bounds when she was selected for it. She had fallen in love with Aisha on the first day itself. Her panache and the way she carried herself was so mesmerizing that Maria was left spell bound. Somewhere in the heart of her hearts she wanted to be like her someday; successful, confident and smart. 

She enjoyed working with her and learnt a lot under her guidance. But what happened today shook her up completely. She could not imagine Aisha like this-a cheat and a fraudster. Heaving a sigh of relief, Maria sent a silent prayer profusely thanking Him for making it a happy ending. With a huge grin adorning her face she retired for the day looking forward to yet another exciting day of her life. 

~ To be continued in Part 4

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