The Pawn - Final part

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Later that night 10 pm, Aisha’s residence 

Aisha nursed a drink in her hands lying on the couch letting her mind go through each and every incident once again. It felt like a film being played in her mind on loop. The ringing of the doorbell broke her flow of thoughts making her get up to open the door. 

Hey….Beautiful” Jimmy’s gruff voice greeted her. 

“Cut the crap will you? And come in quickly.” Aisha said in an irritated tone. 

Dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans Jimmy oozed oomph. Towering at 6’1” he complimented Aisha’s demure looks perfectly with his chiseled features and toned body. Brushing past Aisha he strode in and plumped down comfortably on the couch. Helping himself with a drink he said, “Cheers sweetheart it is time for celebration now!” He raised the drink in a toast when he noticed the deranged expression on Aisha’s face. 

“Why are you in such a mood? What’s wrong with you now?” 

“I somehow did not like bungling up this whole thing leading to Maria.” 

Come on Aisha, you knew this since last 10 months. Then why are you so surprised. She was hired specifically for this reason so that we could make her the scapegoat. “ 

“I remember all that Jimmy but I feel we should not have… but having said all that am curious to know how did you manage all this. When Shekhar read the report out of to me I was actually shocked to see how perfectly planned it all was. There was no scope of any doubt or questions which could arise from it.” 

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It was all very simple Aisha. You just knew Plan A which was to hire her and keep her close to you so that she believed she was your trusted aide, which you did to perfection. The way you handled the whole investigation and managed the whole show was fabulous. And the encrypted message you sent me the night first investigations report was out confirming everything was under control was a proof enough for that. Plan B was something you did not know” 

There was a sense of pride in his voice as he said this and took a sip of his drink. 

Then tell me now what Plan B. was” Aisha was getting agitated now.

 “Plan B was to encash on her gullible nature. I met her almost a week before you hired her as Thomas John. 36 year old business man settled in Goa who had come here for business. In a span of 4 days I had almost wooed her and exchanged numbers. She was so smitten by everything there was no chance she would doubt anything. I wooed her for another 3 weeks before asking her out for which she agreed. And I was convinced I was on the right track. The day before the dummy theft happened at your place I had already created a duplicate device with the help of the original which was being used to authorize transactions till now. The moment that email was sent to the Tech team I knew they would send a fresh one. I was tracking the DHL courier very closely. 

The day it reached your branch was the day when the Asia Pacific Head for Sales and Global Head for operations were here, ensuring your absence from the office for the whole day. Seizing this moment I landed up at the branch to execute the part II of my plan B. I went to Maria’s desk upstairs along with the office boy who was carrying the device in his hands. Maria was surprised to see me there. 

She accepted the courier and signed on it without even glancing on what it was. In front of the entire office staff I went down on one knee and proposed her with roses and a ring in my hand. How do you think she would have seen the device being smuggled out from there amidst all this? She was busy basking in its glory while I whisked it away replacing it with an empty cover addressed to you. I even went to meet her father on her behest just to make it all seem real. Nobody noticed the missing device in this issue. For the tech team it was never used and for you it was never delivered. Case closed.” 

Oh my gosh… what did you do with the device then? And what about the transactions in her account?” 

Oh it was all very simple. The device is lying peacefully in the huge aquarium that adorns your waiting lounge. And about that! Well… who can be more foolish than a woman madly in love? I kept sending her money to buy gifts for herself and she readily agreed. She was so besotted with me that it never occurred to her how strange it all was. And.. “, He continued “There is something else too that you don’t know.” 

What is that now?” Aisha asked with hands on her hips. She was losing her patience now with this whole game of hide and seek finally coming to light.

 “The chest pain you got was fake.” 

“What?” She screamed “How dare you do that without letting me know. What if something would have happened to me?” 

 “Relax baby if I would have told you, you would have never let me do it and it was necessary for me to make it all look real. Real hospital records, real medical tests and real medication. The last time we had met I had mixed a drug in your drink which led to all this. And I think you need to thank me for it, it all seemed so real no one doubted it. However good an actress you might be, you would not have been able to manage this!!” 

He came closer and taking her in his arms quietly whispered in her ears, “And you think I will let anything happen to you just like that? I cannot let anything happen to you sweetheart. You are the reason why I am doing all this. It is for US, our future together.” He kissed her lips tenderly to remove any remnants of anger only to have her respond with more passion. 

You are getting worried unnecessarily. Despite all that we did nothing will happen to her. Worst case she will be sacked and black marked into the banking industry. She has nothing to lose. She will go back to being a teacher happily once again. So you just relax baby...” He said kissing on her forehead breaking away from her after what seemed like eternity. 

Staring into his deep brown eyes Aisha blushed,” So now what next?” 

“Next you go back to being the CEO and I go back to being Jimmy Mathews looking after my business for sometime till we find another pawn to make another move and say Check.” Jimmy said pulling her closer into a tighter embrace and began devouring her lips with renewed vigor.


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