Dos and Don’ts of handling an ineffective boss [Part 2]

Having such people at your work place is unavoidable and there is no thumb rule to deal with them. But there are always a set of Do’s and Don’ts which make dealing with them easier.
  • Respect them for 2 things – their age and position. They definitely would have done something [whether that ‘something’ was good or bad is a separate issue altogether] to be where they are. And therefore need to be respected because they did something different from what you do.
  • Always be particular about your work – be it planning, execution, managing or submission.
  • Remember that at the end of day no matter whatever they do, however they behave they still remain our boss which gives them an invincible power to do mistakes and get away with it. Not everyone is so lucky!
  • Be honest and genuine in giving compliments – I am sure there is something good in everyone for us to learn.
  • Take proper precaution to safe guard yourself in all the situations. Come whatever may; leave the blind trust aspect for your loved ones only.
  • Read motivational books or take up a hobby to shoo the stress birdies away, or else it will end up affecting your work.
  • Most importantly RESPECT YOURSELF.  Every individual has the right to have his/her own independent view about everything – including YOU.
  • Avoid flattery – trust me it rarely works.
  • Don’t procrastinate ANYTHING
  • Never bad mouth your boss with your colleagues as you never know who might be playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide with you in the office. You can share your frustration with your friends and family members where you don’t carry any risk of being caught on the wrong foot.
  • Never give your superiors a chance to find fault with you.
  • Never do the mistake of taking things for granted. Tread on every step very cautiously.
  • Never share your personal life in public unless you want to become the next big thing in the gossips column.
  • Having colleagues as friends is a very good stress buster but having friends as colleagues always leads to trouble. Simply put it’s disastrous. Avoid it.
I agree it’s highly impossible to avoid a catastrophe, but if taken proper precautions at least the degree of damage can be controlled.
And as they say Que Sera Sera….!!!

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