From there to here to where?

April 2003:Your self esteem is too high. This will definitely make you fall someday very badly.”
April 2009: You have no self respect. You let people trample your feelings. You are like puppy who just whines and wimps but doesn’t react to anything.”

Two different statements with meanings which are poles apart for the same person

Sounds weird??? But it’s true!!!

One was from an ex-friend [I somehow like that term as we are no longer friends – this was her last conversation with me. P.S: Just to clarify it was she who chose not to talk to me and not the other way round.] The other was from one of my previous superiors.
:) This is the only expression that comes to my mind recollecting both the instances making me wonder which one is true. I can’t help bursting into giggles because apart from these two bitter pills I have never come across to such a feedback. There are so many questions which come to my mind:

Does it mean that I have grown as a person and improved or have I deteriorated?

Are all these people whom I know – both personally and professionally WRONG or are these two “ex-people” correct?

Professionally- when you are in a heated argument with someone, is your non reaction considered to be someone who doesn’t have self respect?

Personally – choosing not to taken for granted and letting people treat you like @$#* makes your self esteem high?

Weird huh!!!

Makes me wonder what self respect and self esteem actually mean and is it all about your own self and nothing at all about people around you.

As per the dictionary meaning:

Self respect means due respect for oneself, one’s character and one’s conduct. And self esteem reflects a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth.

Based on this I feel I definitely have self respect and self esteem and I know my worth. But is there something called as insufficient self respect? What are the parameters to conclude that?

The more I think the more confused I get…… I will wait for this mystery to unveil itself….soon!

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