All for caring companionship!

Companionship is one of the prime reasons why we all should marry. But are we ready for that? The current world has made all of us so individualistic that we want our opinions to be heard and views to be respected but we don’t want to do the same in return. We want our say to retain our identity but we don’t respect others for the same. In short we need someone who is dependable, obedient and gracious.

Oops...Wait. Did it just spell D-O-G???

Interesting thought; I think we all need just exactly that. We are going through all this for the sake of companionship. And who could be better than a DOG as a companion. Just think of the benefits of having a dog in your life:
  • No matter whatever screaming or fighting happens in the morning, when you return back home in the evening your dog will definitely come running towards you.
  • Whenever you are angry and screaming; your dog will just look at you with those puppy eyes and moan in response.
  • When you instruct your dog to do something or even say GET OUT it will abide to it moaning in displeasure. After sometime if you call your dog it will come running towards you.
  • A dog never carries a grudge. It only has feelings. NO HARD FEELINGS.
  • Incase your dog is upset with you, it takes only a hug and a little bit of pampering to console.
If we adapt few things out of this list trust me our lives would be much happier!! Most of the confusions, fights and problems would be resolved. Life would become so smooth and relationships uncomplicated.

We would be lucky if we are able to find someone who believes in this...but incase we cant , how about trying to be one????

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