Truly In Dependence

All of us are in love with our independence. And after we start earning it’s like an added bonanza. Living in different cities away from parents, taking care of ourselves, managing expenses we feel we have made it in life and can be termed as “Independent”. We feel we are survivors and can manage things on our own.
Till yesterday I also belonged to the same school of thought only to realize how wrong we all are…!
No living person is independent….. Even if you abandon everything and go to stay on the mountains you still need the air to survive. You are dependent on that. You are not independent till you die” – said Osho. This quote of Osho was like a wake up call to me.
Thinking about it…it’s so true…. We are dependant on so many things in our life even when we feel we are independent. We need the milkman to deliver milk to our doorstep, the grocery shop owner to purchase our monthly groceries, the taxi driver, the auto driver, the bus driver, the dabbawala…. The list is endless. From the time we wake up in the morning till the time we sleep at night we take the help of someone or other to perform our duties.
Looking back on it, we are truly in dependence on all this and many more things for our survival. Then why are we so fiercely protective about our “independence”? Or are we protecting something we never had till now?
Interesting point to ponder…….

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