Embracing Life

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I stand and stare at you mutely; waiting for you to say something. 
I have asked you everything that I could and yet there is no answer. 
I have spent sleepless nights wondering what all is there for me to know yet. 
Half hoping to hear something...maybe a feeble word...a faint reply. 
I want to scream and cry my heart out ...........
But the voice seems to be missing with tears which have dried up by now.

You have been with me throughout every up and down; 
You cradled me like child every time I cried -
And tickled me many a times just to make me laugh.   
Kissed away my fears and wiped my tears as you held me close.
I wish you could hold me now, and feel the shivers running down my spine.
I am scared - Of being hurt once more- Of being loved again - Of falling down- Of loving- Of living.

I stride onto the untrodden path with a heart full of uncertainties and fear. 
However much I stretch my neck the way ahead does not seem to be clear. 
Will I...is the question I ask myself feeling the joy and love I am surrounded with. 
Is this all a dream – a fragment of my imagination or a reality which I can embrace? 
You hold me tightly to put me to sleep and gently whisper “This time it is for keeps!” 
Gently cuddled in yours arms I lay my eyes to rest now knowing all the answers by heart.

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