I belong to you

I gush as I hear the hullabaloo around me.
Today is my day- - - - -  the day when you will come...... to make me yours forever!
My henna coloured hands - a lovely reminder of the new colours you are going to bring along

As I get ready today my heart seems to sing a song
I apply kohl to my dreamy eyes who cannot seem to have enough of the beautiful tomorrows
Clinking bangles, tinkling anklets all seem to wait for you....with bated breath.
You come with a flood of joy and love, holding me tightly not letting me sway.

My heart skips a beat as our eyes meet and rest everything else dissolves around.
As flowers and blessings are showered on us, you take my hand into yours.
Slipping a band into my finger you tie me forever with you just to say;
I belong to you

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