A secret affair

I still remember that day very clearly as if it was yesterday. I came back rushing from school and dumped my bag in one corner. I made a dash towards the T.V when my Granny asked’ Arre…what is this? Wash your hands eat something, do your homework and then watch TV.'
I got irritated and replied, “Granny please not now. Will do everything you say after this. Promise.’

Granny: 'What is so urgent right now?'

Me (blushing) : ’Abhi is coming

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That was my madness for him then and it still continues. It has been two decades and I guess I have not gotten over him yet. I still have to watch his every movie, every interview, and every song that comes on TV even if I already know it all by heart. What began as a teenage romance is today a full fledged affair which is still going strong. For as I like to say he is my first and last crush ever.
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I have loved him as Abhimanyu, Arun Verma, Amarkant Verma, Arjun, Babloo, Dev Saran, Devdas, Don , G-one ,Kabir Khan, Kishenlal,Mohan Bhargava, Major Ram Prasad Sharma, Om, Pawan Raj Gandhi Raghavan, Raj, Rahul, Rizwan Khan, Sahir Khan, Surinder Sahni,  Shekhar Subramanium, Shankar, Veer Pratap Singh , Vikram Mayur and all the other forms he has taken till now the keep us entertained. For Me he is the epitome of love and romance.

To give you a glimpse of my obsession with him – Well! My family members don’t watch any of his movies with me - reason being my idiotic behavior. When he is on screen I am known to blow flying kisses to him, sigh as I make a puppy face and stare at him longingly, have a smug on my face with a weird look, sing along loudly…depending on my mood and the movie I could be doing any of the above or all. They just don’t understand how difficult it is for me to NOT do all this!*sigh*

Yes I am obsessed with him. He is the only man who can still give me butterflies in my stomach, make me feel all gooey like a stupid teenager in love as I swoon to his romantic numbers imagining all those wonderful things. I have had huge posters of him adorning my walls throughout my teenage. Gradually all that meta-morphed into a scrap book which has pictures from almost every walk of his life; be it his childhood house, with his parents as a new born baby, with his siblings, school life, college life, his friends, playing football, his pet dog, wedding, his children, all his movie clippings, interviews..Everything.
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Needless to add I have all his movies – both audio and video though I have watched them a zillion times by now. In my worst moods there is nothing else that can calm me better than his songs. And no prizes for guessing what my wake-up alarm-tone is right now. [ It is the poetry in HIS voice from Jab tak hai Jaan *gushes*]. Not to forget all the lessons I have learnt in his paathshala !!

Come whatever may one thing is never going to change - and that's him as continues to grow more cuter with every passing day! And for me He will always be MY HERO - my lifelong crush <3

Today, exactly 47 years ago a star was born with cute dimples and twinkling eyes – I just pray that lovely smile and that twinkle in the eyes remain like this forever as he continues to create magic on screen!
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                                                      Happy Birthday SRK!

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