Beyond the horizon

Source: Google Images

Sitting the way you usually do, looking at me with a smile, 
I saw you last night in my dream or was it my imagination.
Trying to say something perhaps giving me a clue.
An alien language seems known as you speak to me,
Silent whispers taking form of promises when the night morphs into the morning.
You said all that you had to but did none of it,
As the wall of promises begins to crumble down bit by bit.
The beautiful world of love built by us got vandalized overnight on the basis of lies,
The only remnants visible were sheer questions hidden behind the mask of cries.
The more I delve deeper in my heart the more I find pieces of my shattered heart strewn across.
There is no difference in any of them for they are all alike – broken and useless.
Yet still, the only thing complete within me is the piece in which I held you – closer to my heart…. Near my soul, 
living you in every breath and loving you with every beat.

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