Dreams and Desires

We all have certain dreams and desires that our tiny heart weaves inside the silent corners of our mind. My heart always dreamt and desired to be loved for all that I am. All the moments I desired it, perhaps there are many moments when God heard my wish and granted it with a simple AMEN. Every moment when someone hugs me, sends me caring messages just to check am doing fine, holds my hand at crowded places, understands my silence, sends me a text with sweet messages to make me smile or perhaps every moment I am thought about makes me feel loved.

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Few days back I got another lovely reminder that I am loved - in the form of another award for my blog. Its a Liebster award by GR who blogs at Life...As it is

Thank you so much GR for bestowing this on Me. Sometimes in life you badly need a push just to ensure you keep going as your entire energy gets drained with all the running around. I needed that push and your award was exactly the much needed jolt from the sleep for me. I cannot thank you enough for it! You are a beautiful reminder to me of the thought ~

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Now as every award comes with some rules and regulations like always. 

The rules:
1. 10 random facts about yourself. - I usually skip this portion as I have talked about it a LOT!
2. Answer the questions please.
  •  What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Smile – I somehow just love doing that the first thing in every morning!

  •  How do you express your anger?

Silence – that’s my weapon.

  •  If you had to live on a lonely island and take only one book with you, which one would that be?

Undoubtedly Paulo Coelho’s Aleph

  • An embarrassing moment/ fact about you?

I am a cleanliness freak – much to the embarrassment of my loved ones I even have to make the bed sheets of the hotel room just before check out!

  • How much do you let your academic success/failure affect your life?

I would say 30-40%. Not more than that.

  • Do you believe in first impressions?

Yes very much. Though I am open to changing it with time as I meet that person more.

  • What period of your life do you think was best?

I could smile and just say NOW (last 2 years to be precise)– nothing could be better than this. I am simply loving it. :)

  • Do you live in present more or brood about past and fantasize about future more?

I live in the present more though I do brood about the past sometimes and fantasize about the future but it is very miniscule and negligible.

  • Your favorite cartoon and why?

Tom & Jerry – I just love their love-hate relationship the most.

  • And finally Harry potter or Twilight?

Harry Potter any day – I have not read Twilight. Perhaps never wanted to come out of the love for Harry Potter. I have all his books (including his school text books!!) and I want my children, grand children and great grand children to know who he is. I want to tell them proudly giving a toothless grin that I was born when he became a hero and I witnessed everything that he went through. I cried when he cried and laughed when he smiled.

I would like to extend this award to all the lovely blogger friends I have made here as it is said Pyar batne se badhta hai ( Translation: Love when shared increases). Hence sharing my love with you, praying for it to increase, making our lives sheer bliss!

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