Oops I did it again!

Well I know these words are the lyrics of a very famous song, but then this is the only thing that came to my mind when I saw that I have received one more award.

Ruya Preetika who blogs at Waking Moments has been very sweet in giving me this award. Thank you so much Ruya, I am truly touched! Ruya's blog is a very beautiful space to be in as it reminds me of all the little pleasures life is all about. I love reading her for she writes straight from her heart, sharing real life incidents with so much honesty that you actually visualise all of them happening in front of your eyes. For all that you have always been, for all the lovely encouraging comments you leave on my blog and most importantly for the beautiful snippets of life that you share with us through you blog, this one's for YOU ~

Source: Google Images

Now coming to the rules, I am supposed to state 7 random facts about myself. Though I have blabbered a lot of Me in the past as well, this time I would want to try writing something new:

  1. I am a music buff. I live on music, I breathe it and if possible I could eat and sleep it too. I am kind of addicted to it and I NEED my daily dose of music or else by the end of the day I go bonkers.
  2. I am a very emotional person  - letting my heart rule my mind and take decisions.
  3. I am fiercely protective about my space and I usually don't allow everyone in that space.
  4. I am a big time dreamer and maintain a dream diary.
  5. I carry a notebook along with me 24 X 7 and keep scribbling in it in a language known only to Me ;)
  6. I have a box full of cards, letters and other such memorabilia from my 10th birthday onwards which is one of my most precious possession.
  7. For me everyone is either good or bad, there are no greys for me hence I trust people very quickly.
Thank you so much Ruya, it was fun answering this as it made me think a lot about myself after a long time. Perhaps sometimes in life you need such things to mull over!

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