Define & Support ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~Define

Long before I used to hate my music classes. Well I had all my reasons to. I was just ten years old, forced to learn (boring!!! - my thoughts about it then) classical music while I loved humming filmy songs and all I wanted to do was play with my friends all the time.I would cry, fake stomachaches, meet with accidents and do all that I could to miss them but more often than not I had to attend them much to my discomfort.

My teacher perhaps noticed this, so one day she welcomed me with a smile and said "Today, no classes. Just talking. Am in mood for some chit chat." She held out a glass of Rasna for me,making me feel at home in the first instance itself.

After a lot of random talks she suddenly asked me about music. I cringed, " I hate it. Its so boring." I replied with a frown. She smiled,'Take your hand and put in here." she said placing her hand on the left side, just above her heart. And continued,"You hear that thump there, slow and steady. We are all born with music in our hearts. But over the period of time that music drowns amidst all the noise around us. We need to keep that music alive throughout to stay connected to the real us- the way we are when we were born. And that is the reason we learn music. Its a way to keep that music alive and in turn touch that part of us which is carefully hidden inside us."

I was too young then to perhaps to understand the depth of what she said. But her words always remained with it. Couple of years back when I went to meet after a long time I saw she had got Alzheimers now and was barely a fraction of what she was then. She had forgotten everything and the only thought that came to my mind was perhaps she had forgotten her real self.

I was deeply moved and was about to leave from there when her daughter switched on a TV programme which had a live veena recital coming. That moment itself my teacher's fingers started drumming to the tune. As I continued staring at her in disbelief her daughter told,' Nope, she has not forgotten this. It is so deeply imbibed in her that she manages to play the tune correctly even now.'

I was touched, that day I realised the true meaning of her words. She had defined music for me, and she had defined what it is to feel live and feel passionate about something in life.
Lesson Learnt:  There is a stage in life when you define your passion, and then after some time you reach a phase where your passion defines you. It is very important to remember the reason why you have been sent here and pursue that reason with full passion as that is what defines you.

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Support

My fellow blogger and a lovely friend Priyanka Dey's this post triggered some thoughts in my mind and reminded me of a similar incident that happened with my friend but was of typically opposite nature.

I have a friend who is married to a person who completely supports her enthusiasm for writing. She is allowed to blog regularly and continue her passion whole heartedly. She is growing at a decent speed, participating in contests and winning awards too. But her husband is not there to share her joy when she wants to. If she gets a good review on her article or wins contest he is least interested in knowing about it in details.

On one hand we have people like Priyanka's friends' husband who never supported her. While on the other hand we have this person who supports in a way that is just a way of letting her live her life the way she wants.

I am very much tempted to ask- What is support exactly? Is it allowing a person you love follow their passion all alone or is it holding that person's hand tightly as they pursue their passion just to ensure they don't fall anywhere in between?

P.S:There is no lesson learnt this week, as all I am left with today are some questions.


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