Metro Diaries - A lesson in loving and living

The engine let out a loud whistle as the signal turned green. Prakruti glanced at him one last time and waved a good bye. He in turn smiled and started waving his hand furiously. She looked at him with lot of questions in her eyes. Just as the train started chugging out of the platform she made one last futile attempt to search for some answers in his tear filled eyes. His tiny figure became tinier as the train picked up speed, getting hazier till it vanished from her sight. With a heavy heart she found her seat and collapsed there as her mind took off on a journey of its own. 

It had been two years since she knew Shantanu – her best friend. They had met online through their respective blogs and had connected instantaneously. Within no time they were sharing things like old friends and soon became best friends. They shared eerie similarities creating an unspoken bond between them which existed just like air and water but was rarely spoken about. Night long chat sessions, nonstop chattering over messages, laughing like crazy on jokes nobody else understood and hour long telephone calls lay the base for a friendship which was to stand the test of time and come out strong. Both of them knew no matter what they had finally found one person on this earth who would be there for them at any time and could do anything to ensure just a smile on the other person’s face. 

Neighbors’ envy - owners’ pride, that’s exactly how their friendship was. Both Shantanu and Prakruti were fiercely proud of their friendship showing it off at every opportune moment. But there were people who did not like it or should I say did not take it nicely. Where Shantanu and Prakruti saw undying friendship they saw love. Where they felt care the others felt possessiveness and where they meant concern others felt longing being camouflaged. It hurt both of them immensely when they heard such things but as they say never explain- for the one who deserves it will never ask for it and the one who asks for it does not deserve it. Still somewhere in some dusty corners of their hearts they had changed not because of what others felt or thought but because they did not want their friend to be in trouble because of their behavior. So much for friendship!

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The loud whistle of the engine brought Prakruti back and she remembered the gift Shantanu had given her today. She smiled as she eyed the neatly wrapped box which sat proudly on her lap. Colourful bows added to the cuteness of the pink wrapping paper. ‘Just the way I like it…..’ she thought and started opening the gift. Inside the box neatly packed were few books and a letter. A huge grin adorned her face while taking the envelope which was addressed as – To Sunshine. Sunshine, that’s what he used to call her always. No no.. Wait, before you imagine anything here I want to let you know the reason why he called her that .Prakruti had read some book where the heroine was addressed by this name and had fallen in love with it. Shantanu, the eternal wish fulfilling fairy that he was for her called her by this name just to see the smile it evoked on her face in response. Cute isn’t it? She hurriedly started reading the letter as she was curious to read what Shantanu- the non expressive geek had written to her. 

Dear Sunshine,

Finally we met today! I cannot tell you how exactly I am feeling right now. After months of chatting, texting and mailing; we met. For a few moments I was speechless as I did not know what to do or say. I had always wanted a friend who would be just like you – understanding, caring, intelligent and at the same time immature to laugh at my stupid jokes.

Am I loved is the question my mind asked many times and my heart answered with a Maybe or a perhaps. But all that I wanted to hear is a YES loud enough to resonate my entire being, one that bursts through my lungs. That is the kind of YES I hear when I am with you for I know I am accepted, loved, liked and cared for all that I am. Given a chance there would be nothing that you would want to change in me and perhaps that’s what makes this friendship more beautiful as I feel the same too! I don’t know what’s in store for us but I will always cherish the moments we have shared because there can never be another YOU or another ME and neither will there be the same joy that we created. If there is any place on this earth where I can just be me without the fear of being judged or laughed upon it is with you and I cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful friend who has taught me how to love myself. And to answer the question which everyone around us is asking – Yes I love you. Little bit more than friendship but very less than that of a lover or soul mate.

Thanks a ton Buddy for being all that you have been always!

Take care. 



Prakruti wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and neatly folded the letter back into the envelope. Her buddy whom she lovingly called Duh had suddenly become so mature she wondered as she recollected the lesson he had taught her today in loving and living through that letter. 

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