Book Review: Swayamwar by Nilabh Verma


ISBN: 9789350831526
Genre: Mythological Fiction
Publisher:  Diamond Books
No. of pages: 184
Price: Rs. 125/- (I received this book from the author requesting for a review)

Couple of months back I had the opportunity to review 2 epic love stories by Ashok K Banker from Blog Adda. At that time I noticed that the author has written one on Bhishma and Amba which unfortunately I did not get to read. Given the limited knowledge that I had of Bhisma this love story was something I was very curious about.  I feel god wanted me to experience this love story in its fullest form when He made me read Swayamvar by Nilabh Verma.

I always believed treachery, heartbreak, cheating, hurt etc happened in today’s times as people became more and more selfish. I thought the love stories of the good old days were the best as love at that time was innocent and pure.  But I was wrong. This book proved to me that tragedy and love go hand in hand in any age, for where there is love there is hurt.

Behind the Book

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About the Author

An experienced IT professional with great command over technical topics including electronics, computer, gadgets, internet and more. Crazy about food, movies, TV, books (specially mythology) and internet (obviously). Also the regular writer for Mumbai based magazine MuskanYugm. His debut novel"Swayamvar" is in the market and becoming popular.(Source:

"Me" thinks

Swayamvar by Nilabh Verma is a very intricate account of the relationship of Bhishma and Amba. Before I began reading I had a lot of questions in my mind – firstly because it was a debut novel, secondly it was in Hindi and thirdly the subject was of my interest. I was apprehensive about a debutant author dealing with such a beautiful love story in his first book. But few pages into the book and the author had put all my fears to rest.

Bhishma as we all know had taken the vow of celibacy so how did he happen to fall in love? What happened that he took such a vow? How did they meet and why did they have to separate?  - Are some of the many doubts running in my mind as I waited patiently for the author to take me through this tour. Reading this book is actually like being on a tour with the author acting as your guide. ( You need to read the book to exactly know what I mean by that!!!)

Amba’s beauty and graciousness is brought out beautifully in the eloquence while Bhishma’s strong and resilient character adds to its charm.Excellent narration, gripping description and powerful characters made this book an engrossing read. The fact that the book has been written in Hindi has added to its charm as the beauty of its dialogues gets enhanced when expressed in that language. I cannot comprehend reading them in English even after translation as if feel the magic gets lost somewhere in between.

The author has presented the story after a very well done detailed research and that is a commendable feat. Most of the historical/mythological fiction that I have read the common drawback in all of them is that author somewhere knowingly unknowingly brings his own views in the narration making it his “version” rather than a version of the happenings that took place in history. For a change Nilabh Verma has managed to keep away his point of view in the entire novel and has portrayed a realistic picture of all that could have happened then.

His detailing of each and every minutest aspect actually makes you visualize the scenes one by one and before you realise you are deeply engrossed in the book, turning page after page waiting for things to unveil themselves.

For a debut novel this book is remarkably very well written and kudos to the author for this one – I have heard he is working on a sequel to this one and all I can say is I am really looking forward to read the same. He has really set the expectations very high with this one.

Overall a wonderfully written book highly recommended for reading to people who enjoy Hindi literature and mythological fiction. It is worth gifting for it holds a piece of our history and mythology in it

Foodie Verdict

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This book is like kaccha golla – my favourite sweet dish. It melts in your mouth, has a very delicate and a subtle flavor and is a beauty to relish in every bite as never lets you have enough of it. You just keep asking for more and more!

P.S: As you all must be aware I do book reviews on my other blog Reviews and Musings. But a very dear blogger friend who recommended this book, requested for it to be reviewed here and so this one is especially for her. For all that I am, or this blog is its only because of all you lovely blogger friends!

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