Wish & Love ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~  Wish

When I was a child I used to always make a wish everytime one of my eye lashes fell. It gradually moved to falling stars, red cars, flower petals, feathers and everything remotely closer to making my wishes come true. Sometimes it would be a new dress, a new toy, a book or something as miniscule as a permission to go to a party.

Slowly as I grew up my this wish-ful world got lost somewhere in the clouds of reality and I stopped wishing. I was so lost in admiring the realities that I never realised when my heart had stopped wishing until one day my heart had stopped wishing.

Nothing changed and things continued perfectly fine till I reached a stage where one day my heart refused to function normally as it was angry with me for having ignored it till now. That moment I got scared as no medicine on this earth worked until someone told me - Make a wish.

After what seems like ages I knocked on the doors of my heart asking it to wish and after a lot of attempts it finally responded . I managed to write a wishlist after listening to all that my heart was saying and yes now I am feeling much better!

Lesson Learnt : Wish - for wishes are the small signals your heart sends to your mind telling what it yearns for the most!

PEPPER ~ This week ~ Love

I  have been a customer service professional for close to a decade now and it has its own share of good and bad incidents. One incident that changed my whole perspective towards  life and its harsh realities is something I cherish till now. Sharing it with you here:

On a typical busy day at office when I was buried in work my desk phone rang. "Madam, there is a customer who has come to see you..." I just said "Hmm.. please send her in" as I clicked saved on the excel sheet and closed the file so that I could solve the client query with ease. Within few seconds I saw an almost 35+ lady walking towards me. Crumbled clothes, messy hair, she hardly looked near to decent. Her face was had worry lines etched across and she was holding loads of papers in her hands.

She reached my desk and forced a smile as she started talking " Hello.. I need some help." I smiled the genuine Yes-how-may-I-help-you smile to say " Sure madam...please tell me.." She placed all the papers in her hand on my desk. I saw them closely now , they were all crumbled just like her clothes or maybe more and some were even torn at edges. I glanced at them and again glanced back at her trying to decipher her expressions as to what this meant.

"My dad passed away a month back. And these are all his investments. I don't understand a word of it and my father just gave this to me before dying and asked me to use the same. My married life is not very good and my father wanted to give me something to support me incase I end up in trouble. Can you please help me with that?"

I took the papers and sifted through them. Most of them were not of the company I worked for, but something in me did not allow me to tell her No. I used all my contacts to help her get her entire money in a span of 15 days but this incident refused to leave my mind. I am not sharing all this to show my greatness but I am sharing this to show you the fickle minded human nature and the way our society works. We work, we earn, we save .

I keep wondering even today what do we earn for and save for? To give our loved ones a safe life even after we are no more. But in such cases does that person even know whether his loved one got his savings or not? Was such a saving worth it then when his loved one could not use it? Since that day I have tried keep up the humanity factor even when I am working professionally. And yet I know there is still a long way to go... striving to reach there each step at time. Hoping to make a difference in my own way that I can.

Lesson Learnt: If you love someone, and want to do something for them do it in a way that genuinely reaches them. For otherwise it is all futile.

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