Mid-way Reminiscences

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Life is a journey. You begin it with one step at a time. Throughout the journey you meet some people, you lose some. They enter your life and leave behind some unforgettable footprints. Every time we cross a milestone in this journey we pause and look back to find beautiful reminiscences of them. It does tug you for a moment before moving ahead but then this is what gives you the strength to carry on further. A need to find new lessons, missing the old things, worrying what it will be like, a hope to meet some more people and loving all that comes your way with smile. Sharing some of my reminiscences with you:

  • To remember some of the long forgotten lessons those make survival easier.
  • To keep running towards my dreams come whatever may.
  • To grab all those thoughts those pass my mind on a piece of paper. (Off  late my mind is very active, but my hands are lazy)
  • To remind myself that I am much more stronger than the circumstances around me right now.
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  • A particular part of me which seems long forgotten.
  • Dancing – need to get back to it ASAP
  • My usual writing – need to get back to it as well.
  • My evening walks with headphones.... Want it BACK NOW !
  • About my loved ones, though I know that beyond a point there is nothing that I can do for them when they are in pain.
  • When I look at the current state of affairs around me and shudder but then I am sure it is nothing but the slight tug of the heart before I plunge into the courage zone.
  • If I am on the right track !
  • That off late my heart has started doing things which it never did before :)
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  • I am able to strike off everything on my wishlist.
  • I dont disappoint myself more than anybody else as I step ahead into the future.
  • My heart keeps hoping despite all the hopes which have crashed till now.
  • Love surrounds me forever just the way it has till now, for at the end of it that is the only thing that prevails!

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  • When someone records a lovely message for me in her voice and sends it across as a gift.
  • When all the 26 alphabets are used weave a tale surrounding me as a surprise gift.
  • When a poem is dedicated to Me just to remind me how special I am.
  • When I get a 16 paged letter detailing what I mean to that person
  • Thinking about the people who were complete strangers a few years back are today my bestest friends even without having met them in life till now.
  • When I am told I inspire
  • As I struck off the first thing from my wish list.
  • Looking ahead for all that I see is HOPE smiling at me, beckoning me with open arms. 

I recently added another year to my life story and yes it has been a journey worthwhile till now with all its ups and downs. I truly cherish each and every moment of my past as that is what has made me what I am today. And today I am at a stage where I strongly feel:
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