Mid-way Reminiscences

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Life is a journey. You begin it with one step at a time. Throughout the journey you meet some people, you lose some. They enter your life and leave behind some unforgettable footprints. Every time we cross a milestone in this journey we pause and look back to find beautiful reminiscences of them. It does tug you for a moment before moving ahead but then this is what gives you the strength to carry on further. A need to find new lessons, missing the old things, worrying what it will be like, a hope to meet some more people and loving all that comes your way with smile. Sharing some of my reminiscences with you:

  • To remember some of the long forgotten lessons those make survival easier.
  • To keep running towards my dreams come whatever may.
  • To grab all those thoughts those pass my mind on a piece of paper. (Off  late my mind is very active, but my hands are lazy)
  • To remind myself that I am much more stronger than the circumstances around me right now.
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  • A particular part of me which seems long forgotten.
  • Dancing – need to get back to it ASAP
  • My usual writing – need to get back to it as well.
  • My evening walks with headphones.... Want it BACK NOW !
  • About my loved ones, though I know that beyond a point there is nothing that I can do for them when they are in pain.
  • When I look at the current state of affairs around me and shudder but then I am sure it is nothing but the slight tug of the heart before I plunge into the courage zone.
  • If I am on the right track !
  • That off late my heart has started doing things which it never did before :)
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  • I am able to strike off everything on my wishlist.
  • I dont disappoint myself more than anybody else as I step ahead into the future.
  • My heart keeps hoping despite all the hopes which have crashed till now.
  • Love surrounds me forever just the way it has till now, for at the end of it that is the only thing that prevails!

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  • When someone records a lovely message for me in her voice and sends it across as a gift.
  • When all the 26 alphabets are used weave a tale surrounding me as a surprise gift.
  • When a poem is dedicated to Me just to remind me how special I am.
  • When I get a 16 paged letter detailing what I mean to that person
  • Thinking about the people who were complete strangers a few years back are today my bestest friends even without having met them in life till now.
  • When I am told I inspire
  • As I struck off the first thing from my wish list.
  • Looking ahead for all that I see is HOPE smiling at me, beckoning me with open arms. 

I recently added another year to my life story and yes it has been a journey worthwhile till now with all its ups and downs. I truly cherish each and every moment of my past as that is what has made me what I am today. And today I am at a stage where I strongly feel:
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  1. WOW! Lovely post.Shows what a matured person you are.Privy, mind is the greatest library of combination and permutations of the 26 alphabets. Nudge your hand a bit and pick up the pen and decorate the white plain paper. May you enjoy the journey of life always.

    1. Thanks so much Kalpana :)

      Yes you are right... I need to nudge my hand a bit and be back to doing something I love the most - write!

      HUGS dear <3

      Well for my maturity...will leave it on you to decide once we meet...

    2. Beautiful post...may you be blessed with paitence, hope and love always my dear:) We three should meet up ya...:) :D

      That's when we will come to know the maturity levels :D

    3. Thanks so much!

      Oh yes sure dear... we should and then I will see how you react ;)

  2. Just be like that.An organised post by you to yourself.You have to shine not only now but forever privy.Live your all dream ,may fulfil your all ur hope .God bless you .Take Care.

  3. Interesting post. I need I miss I worry will soon be changed to I conquered. Keep the Hope Love and Smile alive at all times.

  4. Let your light shine always, Privy! You are an inspiration! May God hold you tenderly in the palm of His hand . . .

    1. This coming from you Martha is truly touching... I have always looked upto you for many things !

      HUGS to you and thank you so much :)

  5. Loved it post Me! :)
    My mum always says that sometimes it doesn't matter whether we're doing the right or wrong thing, especially when we're at a crossroad, we need to stop over-thinking and move on, just thinking through our decision once. I hope you strike everything off your wishlist!! Love you!!


    1. And yes you mum is sooo right dear <3

      HUGS to you for being what you and love you loads tooooooooooooo


  6. Loved your post dear. Here I hope that you achieve all that your heart desires and that you reach the summit of your potential and shine upon the world as a guiding light.
    Belated birthday wishes from me.. hugs <3
    God Bless, Stay Strong n Keep smiling :)

    1. AMEN Bhavya :)

      Thanks so much for your wishes dear...loads of hugs to you toooo<3

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply Wow........Privy. This was so needed right now. Thank you! And you need to write more often. This is one of those pebbles that with the washing of water over the years.....offers smooth comfort. Thank you!

    1. :)

      Yes Blogwati Gee trying precisely that - to write more often.

      Its a pleasure to know I could manage that effect. Thanks so much!

  8. A beautiful reminder to keep yourself on track. Though I am also struggling with not putting my pen to paper, i hope you are able to move that road block and do it right away.

  9. And it is very essential to know what we are guided by in our lives. You have depicted an essence of your inside reflection through this post. Most of us even don't know what our emotions crave for?
    Certainly, I will try this out at my own blog too. :)

    ~ ANSHUL

    1. Firstly thanks so much Anshul for stopping by here!

      Yes you are right, most of us dont know what our emotions crave for and I had to consciously strive to write this. I started this sometime last year and this is my 3rd post on the same lines. I do it once in 6 months :)

      Sure, please do try. Would love to read your thoughts on this too!

  10. Belated birthday wishes, girl! You have matured into such a wonderful writer!

  11. This is such a lovely post! Made me smile. :)
    May you work efficiently enough to make all your wishes happen, and your worries dash off soon.

    Keep smiling! :)

  12. WOW~ sersiously what is making you to write so nicely? whats your adrenaline rush?

    okay one serious question, When are we meeting? ;)

    1. Thankssssss **gushing**

      I guess its my love for my blog and life that pushes me to write like this... !

      We can meet anytime you want to me. Just lemme know and I will be there ;)

  13. Life wobbles between woe and joy.It is up to one, as which one ,one picks up. Nice philosophy.

  14. Loved this post, Privy - and may you shine bright! Wishing you lots of happiness.


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