Love finds a way

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Loving is perhaps the first lesson we learn in life. The moment we are born the first few things we begin to hear are Mamma loves you, Papa loves you…. We are taught to say I love you Papa…I love you Mamma. Throughout our growing up years the first lesson learnt changes its forms as we come across various definitions of love only to settle down with one which is uniquely ours.  Yet we keep looking for love. 

We do find it also, perhaps in various forms. Sometimes we recognise it and sometimes we don't. Eventually we get hurt and learn how to hate love. We close all the doors tightly to ensure it does not hurt again so that we can avoid that hurt. But love being what it is, it manages to reach out to us even from the tiniest cracks possible. Hugging us tightly, melting away our fears and warming our hearts once again making us bask in the magic of love.

I am hopelessly romantic and madly in love with life. I love everything and anything around me. And yes I do expect to be loved for that is what matters the most to me. Till now I kept on giving love believing what you give comes back to you till the time I reached a phase where I was feeling hollow.  Because there was nothing left inside me to give any more.  After a lot of emotional turmoil I realized that I was looking for love at the wrong places and in the process did not recognize the love I was surrounded with.

 Sometimes in life you fall in love with some people – they teach you what love is.
While there are some who fall in love with you – they teach you why to love.
And then there are some who make you fall in love with yourself - they teach you how to love.

I am really lucky to have such wonderful people in my life who made me fall in love with myself all over again and also with life. The most beautiful part in this is that I have not met any of them yet the magical feeling of love is so real.

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I know I am loved -

  • When an e-book is dedicated to me for I inspired.
  • When my posts are read between the lines and messages sent to know about my well being.
  • When an entire poem is dedicated to me with a ppt and a letter.
  • When someone learns my favourite song just to sing for me on my birthday
  • When the 1st person to wish me on my birthday is a blogger friend whom I have never met till date
  • When I am told I am one of the most beautiful persons he has had met till now purely on my thoughts.
  • When I receive an email from a blogger friend living in a different country altogether which says – Anytime you need any kind of help, I am there!
  • When I get a 16 paged letter describing me in adjectives from A to Z just to let me know what my true calling is.
  • When a bookof love is dedicated to me along with a letter defining me in every possible manner.
  • When a voice message is sent to me as a gift saying what difference I have made to that person’s life.
  • When an email is sent to me, just to let me know how one year back my blog helped a person see life in a different light altogether.

All this and much more love coming from people whom I have never met, not seen or known and yet a bond which is so deep that it transcends the limitations of the virtual world…. Someone had rightly said Love finds a way…and I, am truly blessed!

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I cannot THANK EACH ONE OF YOU enough for all the LOVE I have been bestowed with. All I can say is I am touched and speechless! I don't know what I have done to deserve this but yes it truly makes me feel out of the world for loving someone is bliss, but being loved is heavenly. 
Loads of love to you tooo <3

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