Inspired Inscribes - 27

I admire C. R Lamothe a lot ! The way she writes is just amazing and she truly inspires me in many ways. Especially her passion towards writing. One day I just happened to write to her " Cindy I want to be like you - I want to inspire people and hear someone tell me one day You inspire me!"

She replied to me " Privy, you perhaps don't realise that right now at this moment as we speak you are already an inspiration to many in your life!"

Her reply left me speechless for few moments and then I realised how right she is. We are all inspiring in some way or the other. The question is do we recognise whom we inspire and what we do. Perhaps then that magic will vanish for we would get conscious about it.

A reminder for all of us inspiring souls who have forgotten that we INSPIRE ~

Source: Google Images

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