Splurge & Emotions ~ This week

SALT ~ This week ~ Splurge

I started working when I was 20. In those days salaries were not very handsome as I am talking about a time almost a decade back when the economy was still just starting to look up. My first salary was Rs. 4500/- . 

I had decided to pursue my masters along with a job to cover up some expenses any monthly EMI towards fees was Rs. 3400/- leaving Rs. 1100/- for me. In that Rs. 1100/- I had to run the entire month along with my food and accommodation expenses. No doubt that meant there were days when I used to walk long distances to save auto fare and skip food just to keep the money going till it was time for next salary.

Today when I look back and then look around I feel immensely proud. Everything that surrounds me today is a result of my hard work. I can say that I have slogged all the way to reach here and finally now my hard work has paid off. Today I splurge on myself. No, I am not the type who spends on brands and stuff. But I do splurge on my comfort- be it taxis, rickshaws and of course food. 

What baffles me is that there was no one when I was struggling but today when I have a good decent income, a respectable position and of course some amount of savings people have changed around me. And now – it’s me who has become bad for I am tagged a spendthrift!

Initially all this used to upset me a lot, but gradually realized that this is like a wave. It will keep coming and going depending on your success, name, fame and wealth. I learnt that people no matter whatever you do will have something to say about it. If you are a failure they will want to remind you of that and if you are successful they will want to find faults in your journey till there somehow just to see you fall from that height.
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Lesson Learnt :Till the time you are doing what you are supposed to you are not good. But the moment you stop doing that you automatically become bad.
PEPPER ~ This week ~ Emotions

I am an emotional person. I am not saying it because someone has told me that. I am saying it because it’s the truth. I am one and that too in extremes.

I have not only cried for movies or stories, I have also cried for complete strangers just seeing them in pain. I have been told it is a sign of weakness but I feel it’s the sign of strength. It requires strength to say it hurts. It needs guts to say I am broken from inside, shattered and it is painful at this moment. 

Because this strength is what eventually takes you to come out of all that and emerge as a stronger person. A person who constantly pretends as if it is all ok is actually the one who is not able to accept that there is a part in all of us that hurts. I believe breaking down and accepting your weakness even if it is for a moment requires more strength.

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Lesson Learnt: It is okay to sometimes cry and say I am not okay!

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