The Homecoming

Some things in life are blessed for they are untouched by the eternal truth of life change. Anytime you can come back to find them just the way they have always been. “These were some of the thoughts running in my mind as the rickshaw moved into the small gullies of my hometown. I was home after almost 2 years and yet it was all the same. Off late I had began to hate change. Process changes at work place, boss change, weather change, policy change of the country… it was all so difficult to cope up it. It all left me flabbergasted.  In such a moment of frustration I had also decided I need a change (yes! That’s exactly the word) and booked my tickets to come here.

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I was expecting things to have changed but was proved wrong. Vendors screaming at the top of the voices to sell their wares, children running on the streets completely unperturbed by the constant traffic, inviting aroma of delicacies filling your nose tempting you to come hither and taste them, almost every other person on the street was a known face welcoming you with a smile – simple pleasures of life best enjoyed in a small town unlike bigger cities where you are lost in the sea of faces.

It did not take long for me to reach home unlike in the city where I could have caught a nap by the time I reached home every day. The joyous faces and the warm hugs I received made up for all the troubles that I faced living all alone away from them.  Slowly as I approached the entrance of the room my mind was flooded with the memories of my childhood. It was not long before this room belonged to me. And each and every corner here had some beautiful memories hidden secretly. I entered it fearing it might have been changed beyond recognition but was pleasantly taken aback as there was nothing that had changed. 

The walls were still white with paint peeling off at some places; the racks were lined up with books barely touched in the recent few years, even now stuff was casually strewn across the chair and on the bed leaving no space to sit anywhere. It was so untidy that if you needed anything you had to hire a search squad to ensure you got it in time. I still remembered my mom screaming at me for being so disorganized in about everything that I did. I smiled thinking about all those times and turned to face the big window that adorned the room, the only saving grace in the otherwise claustrophobic environment (thanks to the clutter!!). 

I stood there gazing at the setting sun trying to remember the time when this was a signal for me to come back home after having spent the evening playing with friends. A homecoming it truly was…. But of a different type!

As I stood there I realized all through this while it is WE who change. Our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, definitions, desires, wishes, wants, needs – everything changes and we believe that things around us have changed. We blame people for having changed and forget to notice that even we have changed. Then what are we complaining about? Change is the eternal truth of life and we need to embrace it wholeheartedly to constantly keep striding ahead. 

“Dinner ready……” my dad’s voice broke my thoughts and I knew the time even without looking at the clock. 8:30 pm. Some things in life surely never change.

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