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Every morning I drive down to my office through the same route; am sure each one of us does that.  But today morning I noticed something which was unusual.  I was supposed to go for a client meeting but out of my usual habit I ended up being en-route to office like every day. I noticed that it did not take much of an effort to be on the road I knew even the pitfalls by heart, remembered the number of bumps, the timing of the traffic signals and at some places even the junctions where high traffic was possible. This was all due to the habit of doing something consistently for so many years.

Source: Google Images
But what surprised me was I had not noticed many other things as well. I never noticed that old woman who stood at the traffic signal selling pink colour toy bicycles with a beautiful smile on her face. I also failed to observe the new mall that had sprung up on a remote corner from where I took turn daily.  And ofcourse I missed that the mall was build after grazing a garden which was once situated there.

During my drive I realized that after a point where I was going did not matter as long as the roads looked familiar. The moment I sensed a new surrounding, an unfamiliar background my mind would go on alert making me completely aware about every miniscule thing around me.

Isn’t this the way life is also lived by us? We are just on the journey towards the destination. For few days we are all gung ho about it and then the excitement fizzles out with us just existing, continuing the journey without even enjoying it for a moment. We don’t even know what’s happening around us. People come and people go from our lives but we never stop. Not even to appreciate a beautiful flower or admire a wonderful place.

We are so mechanical about it that we sometimes fail to notice the beauty we are surrounded with. And finally we reach stage where we are just EXISTING and not LIVING any more.

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