Metro Diaries : The Unspoken

This is in continuation to my previous metro diaries post Work In progress. That was a random post just scribbled without any second thought and for the first time I could not think of any appropriate name for it hence the title WIP; coz I somehow felt it was incomplete. So here I am completing it and yes naming it too!
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 ~ He: If love is a question, you are the answer” ~ 

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Why is that even after all these years you still manage to tug my heart like never before? Every time I look at you I have this sudden urge to feel you, hold you in my arms never to let you go away. And yet I did that, let you go away from me.  

I don’t have an answer why I did that but I know the guilt of that kills me each day.  Had it not been for that one fateful day when I decided to not listen to my heart maybe we would have been together today. Maybe, the very word that changed everything was today the very thing which could play the game changer. 

Every night sleep evades me as my thoughts begin to wander, to a time which was full of possibilities. You and me, me and you… it was all so blissful. Till the time I let ‘maybe’ enter our lives.  I slowly close my eyes to feel you more closely and see your twinkling eyes full of promises, a smile which said more than it could hide and a heart that yearned to be mine! Today that heart has replaced mine, for it yearns to be yours while mine seems to be captivated in your eyes somewhere. 

Yes, you are the wait that reflects in my eyes every waking moment for it never lets me sleep. You are the dream that I want to see each night as I sleep and you are the reality I want to face when I wake up each day.  

I no longer love her, that's certain, but maybe I love her. Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”
Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

~ She: Would you be my sunshine if I promise to be your sky, together forever? ~

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I always believed that love is undoubtedly one of the most concrete feelings one has but you proved me wrong. The day you used “perhaps” and “maybe” with love it shook the very base on which it had stood till now. Amidst all the lies and treachery the only thing I was always sure of was your love and with that one word you changed that too. When it comes to love somehow the words “perhaps” and “maybe” seem imperative because love as a feeling is always confused and indefinite. 

Confused even I was and am about my feelings for you, for I don’t know whether I love you or live you. And my feelings are indefinite there is no way I can confine them in words or actions for they can only be felt, from one heart to another. 

You might ask how I survived till now while I always claimed I would die without you. I can just say loving you every moment has brought me till here and will help me sail further too because the day I will stop loving you is perhaps the day I will stop living. I missed you like the desert misses the rain and my wait was like the trees standing tall the whole year for that one drop of rain which will quench their thirst.

Yes you are the answer I keep looking for in each question. Every time I searched for myself I found you as the answer reinstating my faith in love; a love which was ours and which could not perish with time. 

You can love someone so much...But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.”
John Green

In the quietness of their hearts they slowly come closer and smile at each other. 

A smile that breaks the shackles of the past, tears away all the hurt and pain, kisses away the tears and leaves only the warmth of love from the fire which refused to be doused.  A smile that radiates the beautiful tomorrows that will follow, promises everlasting love and quietly whispers, I belong to you!

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