Metro Diaries: The chanced encounter (A guest post)

Since the time I started Metro Diaries as a segement I have tried my hand at various aspects of love and relationships. And today when people say my middle name should be LOVE I can just smile and silently thank them for all their love.A very lovely fellow blogger Janaki Nagaraj who blogs at Memoirs of a Homemaker ( you know why I love her more right ??) requested me for a guest post on her blog and I thought what better than sharing few pages of Metro Diaries there , spreading some love ! An excerpt from my post there ~


Ali stood there gazing at the sea with the waves hitting the rocks with more vengeance every time they came back. He loved being here in the evening after a long day at work. It helped him unwind.. He looked around to see lovers moving around hand in hand making him think about the uncertainty of life. Today these people were together, they did not know if they would be tomorrow but still that did not deter them from living, loving and laughing right now. Few months back when he had broken up with his long time girlfriend he was sure he did not want to do anything remotely closer to the word love. And all it took was a chanced meeting to change the way he thought about relationships. He smiled as he remembered the meeting.
Click HERE to read the whole story. Looking forward to your lovely comments on it, as always!

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