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I have always believed that at times in life when you seem to be losing the meaning God sends you signals in His own special way just to remind you - Life is all about it's ups and downs. And yet you need to keep loving it. Since the time I have began writing, more often than not such reminders come in form of beautiful blog awards which I get from my lovely blogger friends.

It is with awards like this that I am reminded of the reason why I blog purely for the love of it.

Apart from blessing me with some wonderful blogger friends, lovely comments, inspiring and motivational people around me the blogging world has also blessed with some wonderful people ; whom I can proudly call my loved ones, my siblings and ofcourse an integral part of my life.

Srishti who blogs at LIFE...as it is   is someone who I can call my sister and she is an unforgettable part of my life for everytime I listen to the birthday gift she sent me she makes me cry!!!. Even today when she gave me this award the introduction she gave me on her blog left me speechless. I guess she has taken the contract of making someone as talkative as me speechless with either her words or actions.Thank you so much sweetheart there are no words to express what I am feeling right now. As you said whenever you are at loss of words you should just smile, HUG and say Love YOU - and that is all I got to do. This is for you.

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After all that PDA lets move on to your questions:
  • Which post that you have written on your blog is your most favorite of all and why?
Well  I have always maintained it to be Post Returned Undelivered till now and it still does. But then yes the list of favourites has expanded a little bit ( the ever critical momma that I am) and today I would like to say Love Beyond words. I love this post for I never thought I could write about passion so aesthetically. And yes I am proud of it ;)

  • Which post that I have written on my blog is your favorite and why? 

For the best one. I love this one the most. Maybe because its for Aunty, maybe because it so much full of love and just maybe because I see YOU in it reflecting completely.

  • How would you define love,hope faith and life in one sentence?
Love,hope,faith and life- The awesome foursome who come together to define US.

  • What is that one thing you can’t tolerate in a person?
 I cannot stand liars.

  • What defines YOU in one word?

  • If we were to meet somewhere out of the blue, what would you say to me? How would you identify me, if  you had to approach me and confirm if it is Srishti indeed?
Has to be your beautiful voice… I still listen to that recording you have sent just to hear your voice so many times.. Its mesmerizing! And I would tap your shoulder to say “ Hey Srishti….? Me…naam to suna hoga!

  • Do you believe that people are allowed to break your heart in a relationship?
No I don’t think so that they are allowed. But then every time we love someone, (without or with a relationship – I mean friends and family also here) they automatically get the right to hurt us. Breaking the heart is perhaps just a form of it.

  • What is that one thing that you love about yourself?
The comfort I give to people so much that they consider me their confidante. Well I recently observed it and name it whatsoever I feel really special about it. 

  • How productive are you? What do you follow in order to be productive?
Depends on what exactly do you mean by the word “productive”!! :P

  • How did you come across my blog and what was your first thought on my blog and me?

I landed up on your blog through a comment you had left on Ashna’s blog and that comment made me want to know about you. When I first saw your blog the first thought was Interesting name ( LIFE and all!!) and the second thought was the liveliness I saw in your posts. They seemed so inviting and refreshing, and they still continue to do so.

I am passing this award to:

I would like to pass on THIS award to all of YOU for I love reading YOUR blogs and for me they are full of positivity.

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