Remembering a forgotten wishlist

Last weekend I was walking down the road from my office to a client meeting when I saw this young boy of about 8 years who was selling balloons and toys by the road side. Amongst all the colourful wares he had there was something that caught my attention. It was a small white bottle which had soap water to make bubbles.  Something in that bottle made me stop in my tracks and go back to him
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I held that bottle in my hands as it took me down the memory lane, to a time when I was a child. I used to ask my mom to buy this for me, and she would never let me buy it. Its ganda… its chee… you will get infections. Look at his hands they are so dirty etc were the various reasons I was given and I never understood them. With a sad face I would start walking home with them promising myself mentally that the day I would begin earning the first thing I would do is buy a bottle of soap water and blow loads of bubbles.

Time passed and I grew up leaving behind this wish somewhere along with the innocence of childhood as I began running in the race to survival. Today when I saw this thing again it reminded me how in chasing the bigger dreams of life I had forgotten the simple joys of life which once were the world for me. It’s been almost a decade I got my first pay and I never bought a soap bubble water bottle with it. So much for surviving! That moment made me feel there were so many such wishes buried deep inside my heart which I never let come out till now.

Eating innumerable ice creams, buying as many books as I wanted, watching TV till late, getting up late, hogging on your favourite food, buying gas balloons and letting them off in the air, sitting in a merry go round for back to back six rounds till you are tipsy, watching movies in a theatre all alone undisturbed, eating at your favourite restuarant without worrying it is time for lunch / brunch / dinner / hi tea… Ah! The list was long and I suddenly felt all invigorated just with the thought of all these wishes which I wanted to come true at the earliest.  In that one moment I realized that at times in life it is important to dream and then at one stage it is important to act to make those dreams come true. My dreams were just there, waiting for me to stretch my arms and touch them. 

Having chosen to be on a path to exist somewhere I had forgotten the way to the path to live. And this young lad sitting here was a God sent reminder to me for living instead of existing.

Yeh chahiye?” (Translation: “Do you want this?”) His voice brought me back.

Ha…. Char chahiye” (Translation: “Yes I need four of them.”) I smiled and bought four of them, just to cover up on the lost time and left that place with a promise to be back for some more time and again.

P.S: This is a very old post and yes I do all of these things always. Actually that is exactly where I spend all that I earn. :)

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