Write Tribe: Silence of the heart

~ To ~
Another part of me

Today morning I woke up dreaming about you. Heavy rains and a gloomy weather made me want to sleep some more. With my eyes still closed I stretched my hand towards the right side of the bed half expecting you to be there. The emptiness which met my hands woke me up rudely from slumber. 

I opened my eyes to an empty bed, empty house and perhaps an empty me with nothing else but your memories that hung around from the walls carelessly. I slowly got on my feet and walked a few steps painstakingly only to come face to face with you. There you were looking at me with a haunted look in your eyes, tugging my heart. Somehow I could never part with this picture of yours. Maybe it was your eyes that captivated me every time I looked at it. 

I don’t remember for how long I stood there staring at your picture reliving our last moment together a million times by now. All I remember is the gnawing pain that grew manifolds with every passing moment. Unable to answer all that your eyes kept asking me I moved away from there to get ready for work.

Sliding the doors of the cupboard I thought of the days when we both missed office in such weather just to spend the whole day cuddled up whispering sweet nothings. I smiled remembering the way your skin felt next to mine, the way you would melt in my arms and all that I wanted at that moment was to just hold you tightly. 

With a thousand thoughts crowding my mind I blindly put my hand inside to pick a dress and the first thing that came to my hand was the black dress. I held it at a distance trying to look at it the way you did. Feeling its soft velvety texture with my fingers I tried to imagine you touching it like this.  

There is this sudden urge to wear that dress that built inside. Maybe I needed to feel you, your tender touch and feel caressed. Almost instantaneously I slipped it on just to curb that desire burning within. I turned around to gaze at my reflection in the mirror to feel you whispering in my ears, just the way you always did. 

I could spend the whole of my life just looking at you like this,
Knowing that you are mine for there is nothing else that could match this feeling.
I wish to spend the rest of my life falling asleep gazing at you
And waking up just to see you beside me like this, forever.

I could almost feel your wet lips on my forehead when I began to move my hands feeling me through that dress imagining you doing it, and wrapped my arms around myself to feel your hug. Suddenly I sensed wetness on my cheeks giving an outlet to all the pain I had held inside me. Nothing can fill the abyss you have left me with.  The vacuum that is there where once I held you closely within me; it is irreplaceable. Time is the biggest liar for it could not be the healer it promised to be and the pain is still there as fresh as it could be. 

Silently I removed the dress and wrapped it once again, intact with all the kisses and touches just to wear it once again some other time when I need you. I wish I could have wrapped you also somewhere just like this, to unwrap every time I wanted to feel you and bask in your love. 

If wishes were horses and they could fly; I would have asked only an answer to WHY

~ From ~

Another part of you

P.S: This post has been written for Write Tribe Letters Unsent prompt-4 where we were supposed to write a letter to our love (current / ex) This is my attempt at writing it for an ex.

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