“ can’t plan out or perfectly schedule the big moments in your life. They just happen to you when they happen, sometimes because you made them happen and sometimes because you couldn’t stop them from happening.” ― Caitlin Rush

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However tough or easy last year had been for me LIFE has always given me chances to smile every now and then just to remind me how beautiful it is. Sharing some lovely milestones this year has brought me along

1. Became a columnist in Estrade Magazine. 

I always wanted to be a columnist, have a segment of my own and look at it, this column is about something that is very close to my heart - literary activites. You can read the January issue HERE which has my first article.

2. My short story titled The Eternal Wait has been selected to be a part of an anthology titled A Little Chorus of Love ( to be released soon!)

3. My another story A keepsake has been selected to be a part of an international anthology- The Significant Anthology ( to be released in early 2016)

4. I have refound my love for painting after ages and I am loving it every moment!

5. Last but not the least, my solo book Metro Diaries which was released as an e book on Amazon 6 months ago will now soon release in paperback by Revelations House.

Do share your milestones the year has brought along till now. Here's hoping for some more lovely milestones to adorn each of our year ahead.

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