The quest of LIFE

Life they say is a like a jigsaw puzzle and we are all like those pieces trying to find where we fit in. It is strange but sometimes a wrong piece shows us the way to our right place

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Amidst the chaos as everyone around gets busy in pushing the other to reach their “right’ places I am tempted to scream, “Guys please check the instruction manual. I am sure it is mentioned there who goes where. “But I decide to keep mum as my instinct tells me it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. 

I stand there mutely watching the progress, I am pushed, jostled, cornered and almost run over before I reach a place that looks like it is where I belong and then begins the process of fitting in there. A little twist there, a turn at the right and some curling up…. Ah! That should suffice to fit in I believe. But no, I am wrong. It doesn’t. I try once again. A little more twist there, a double turn there, a curl up in the bottom and a bit of tweaking at the top. Now that should be perfect. And I try to fit it again only to be disappointed. I continue doing it till I reach a phase where I can no longer curl or twist. I am devastated; I don’t know what to do next. How can I not fit it, my heart seems to scream at me. 

I should have done that, tried this… my mind is busy trying all the times I had erred which led to this non-fitting. Shedding copious tears I am frustrated to no avail. I look around and see all happy faces around, cheerful, sporting smiles that reflect their lives. I see that each one of them has found where they belong and that is where their happiness comes from for they no longer have to twist and turn, they just have to be and that makes them smile like this. My heart sinks a bit further when I see my own life and wonder why I have been deprived of the joy of belonging. Am I so worthless that I didn’t even deserve that? 

I had almost written off my own life when I heard a feeble voice, “Excuse me?” I turned around to see a faint shadow of someone who looked as lost as me. “Do you mind if I try?” The shadow seemed to say pointing at the vacant slot where I had been trying so hard to fit in. I nodded and before I could comprehend, that shadow had jumped, leaped and in the blink of an eye had fit into that slot. I smiled to see the joy resplendent on the shadow’s face when suddenly I realized what it meant. “I was never supposed to fit in here; I was trying to do something that wasn’t just meant to me. Maybe I am meant to be somewhere else and not here. “ And suddenly it all made sense, LIFE as whole got a new meaning as now the quest was still on.

Not all journeys of life take you somewhere, some are meant to mislead so that you know what the right path is!


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