Meraki ~ 2

(C) Privy Trifles ( I made this :) the background image isn't mine though)

She: Hey that Bulgari bracelet is so beautiful!

Me: Isn't it ? (gushing) I had been eyeing it for a while now. Finally I bought it last month of my birthday.

She: Why don't you wear it ever?

Me: It is so previous, it needs to be treasured. Wearing it everyday will ruin its beauty.

"Forever" is something I learnt very early in life. Everything had to be treasured so that it could stay forever. Starting from imported cutlery, chocolates, perfumes to costly toys. They all came out only on special occasions, handled under strict adult supervision and wrapped up back into its original packing to be used in future again.

I remember having two Barbie dolls. Each having bought after a lot of conditions were met with. But I don't remember playing with them enough. I remember eyeing them through the locked doors of the showcase with a deep longing. I remember playing with them abiding to the strokes of the clock. I remember taking care of them well enough to treasure them forever. And yet after a few years they began to decay. Apparently the wooden cabinet they were displayed in got infected by termites which damaged my dolls too. They almost rot to death. There was nothing I could do to save them except share copious tears of pain and hurt. I was told if you preserve things nicely & treasure then they stay forever. Then where did I go wrong with my dolls. They were perhaps the only silent witness to my unspoken agony of having something and not being able to use it. 

When I was taught this lesson in childhood perhaps they didn't know that this happens with relationships too.  Sometimes however much you take care of them and preserve them like a treasure they still rot and die a very painful death., And every time they die a part of you dies with them, just like a part of my childhood died with those dolls.

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