Metro Diaries: Love, that was (Part~3)

 In continuation to previous parts:  1 | 2

And so began the series of meetings, first under the guise of a doctor and a patient, and then slowly it moved to meeting as friends. I came to know she was undergoing a bitter divorce battle which was the reason for all the stress in life. She wasn't made for such a life. I mean she was a free soul, I could see that. She was'nt meant to be tamed or held as a captive bonded in relationships which were more often than not mere eye wash as a make believe arrangement for people. I remember asking her jovially in one such casual conversation, “Why did you get married?” She had very nonchalantly replied, “I wanted to have kids and socially in India there is no other way a middle class lady like me could get that.” 

I wasn’t surprised any longer. I had nick named her “Ever ready battery” for she was full of power, raring to run, always charged up. I still cannot forget that twinkle in her eyes every time she spoke about things close to her heart. It was a passion I had not seen in a long while, a fire that was burning deep in her soul and one that fueled her life, pushed her to keep going. Damn it, she was infectious! 

Bhargav: (Breaking into loud guffaws) Oh no! An infectious disease specialist doctor falling for an infection! That was perfect in every sense.  

For the first time in the last 2 hours while they had been talking, Karan smiled. In his heart he knew she was an infection. An infection from which he had not been able to recover till now. Just talking about her made him feel so better. In the rushing around of life he had closed this chapter and hidden it from everyone else not knowing that some things in life demand a closure. This one surely did.

Maybe pouring his heart out like this was its much deserved closure. For till now even Sneh didn’t know about his thoughts on her. It felt strange to be losing sleep on someone who didn’t even know that you were spending sleepless nights thinking about them. But then Karan knew he couldn’t have told her ever, he was too scared of losing her. On the other had he always wondered, how do you lose something you have never had in your life? Maybe he knew there was no match between them and hence refrained from sharing his feelings. 

No, she wasn’t inferior to him because of her past. He felt he was inferior to her because of his weakness. Yes, Karan believed he was weak. She was a strong soul. He as a doctor was trained to witness death in and out every single moment. Specializing in HIV and other infectious diseases he knew he would see things which could kill the very element of hope from his heart. Till he met her Karan felt he was strong. But like a wild tornado she shook his world and he like a lone, worn out tree swayed to its wild beats. He felt his arms were inadequate to hold her for a lifetime.

~To be continued (Final part)

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