Diary of a Lost Wanderer : A place called home

Currently I am in a different country. So the clock on my mobile phone shows two time zones, one neatly called as "Home". I wonder why? I don't remember putting up any such setting, must be the "home network" thing at work.

And that is when I begin to wonder, is that where my home is? Well technically yes my parents live there, I spent most of my childhood there but still there is no such feeling as home attached to that country. Yes there are some amazing memories that I have of that childhood house, those bylanes and the known set of people I was always surrounded with.

Thinking about it, my mind suddenly drifts to that one person who is my friend, philosopher and guide all turned into one. In the last few years during the most turbulent phases of my life that friend has turned out to be my greatest support. And as they say that someone who is by your side even in your worst deserves the best in you. That's what my friend does, I always find myself giving my best at that time because I know I won't be judged even if I don't. I voice out my dislikes with great clarity because I know it won't change my friend's opinion about me. Maybe the most important thing would be that I can just be me be.

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So in a way, if I yearn for something then it has to be those evenings we spent together over a dozen cups of coffee talking about everything and anything. Those Sundays we laze about watching movies on laptop and munching on popcorn, thereafter dissecting the movie scene after scene. Grocery shopping together at times as it saves a lot of trouble to both of us in remembering what all do we need! I miss the person not the place for I know if we are together no matter wherever we are it would be fun for we would always manage to find something "fun". 

All this while I felt home is a place where you keep returning to after you have travelled the whole world for that is the only place which gives you peace and warmth. A place which holds not only memories but also love and care of your loved ones which makes is heaven on earth but I was mistaken!

Sometimes, home is a person and not just a house. Feeling at home is the comfort you experience when you are with that person, that sense of belonging you get around them and the warmth their love engulfs you with. And then no matter in which corner of the world you are in, you will always be home!

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