Metro Diaries: Love, that was (Part ~2)


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As she narrated her brief medical history to me I tried to stop myself from staring at her face. She was strangely attractive for me which I found very unusual. As I was jotting down points I noticed the IV needle still poked in her wrist. “Are you still admitted in the hospital?” I nudged her. 

She continued, “Yes I still am. Since last 1.5 months I have just had doctors making me go through a zillion tests trying to understand what’s wrong without any answers. Now I am tired. I am sure there is no more blood left in my body even for blood tests.” She giggled as she pushed a huge heap of reports taken in the last few weeks. 

I was shocked. She was right, there was practically no test I could have suggested her. As I kept talking to her in order to know her more, both for mine and her benefit. Mine because I was curious I don’t know why. And her because she wanted to know what was ailing her. She was like an enigma, something I wanted to unveil and see it in its purest form possible. The most amazing thing was the ease with which she discussed the various possibilities about her health. In my tenure as an infectious diseases specialist I have always had patients who come crying, cribbing, irritated with the pain and agony expecting me to wave a magic wand and heal it instantly. And here she was, who was not only okay with her ailments as long as she knew what it was and that was being treated for it. 

Bhargav: Oh my God! You seem to be so smitten by her. The spark in your eyes as you speak about her says it all. 

Karan: She stabbed by heart brutally when within few seconds she asked me, “See doctor, I need to know if I have cancer. It is okay you see. Just let me know what is ailing me is. I will find out a solution to it.” It would be wrong to say I wasn’t considering this possibility. I had already considered Leukemia and auto immuno disorders as the possibilities. Knowing how well informed she was about all that had happened with her I had no choice but to share this with her. I even explained why I felt so and requested her to go through just last 2 tests which would finally lead us to the disease. I assured her, it had to be either of these two and nothing else. She reluctantly agreed. 

I not only fixed her appointment for a CT scan the next day itself but also briefed my doctor friend to conduct a few other tests if the desired results were not visible in the tests. I shared my contact details asking her to stay in touch with me in case any complications arose during the night and come to see the next day for her reports. My doubts were confirmed. She had developed an auto immuno disorder but for the final diagnosis I had to send her to an endocrinologist. Once again I used all my contacts to get her an immediate appointment with the city’ best doctor who had a waiting of 1-2 months for his regular patients. 

Bhargav: Why were you doing all this for her? It isn’t normal for you to do this

Karan: Exactly! I didn’t know why. I knew doctors well, I was lucky to have worked with some renowned names of the city but I never used them unless it was a critical case which perhaps this wasn’t. But I wanted to help her in every possible manner or perhaps, I wanted to stay in touch with her. I asked her to visit me once she was done with her doctor’s appointment. 

~To be continued

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