Metro Diaries: Love, that was (Part ~ 1)


Karan didn’t bother to knock the door, instead pushed it open and entered it. He was meeting his friend Bhargav after eight long years and there was no time for such formalities as knocking the doors. 

 “Bhargav!” he exclaimed taking him by surprise. Before he could react, Karan had already caught him in his embrace. Their laughter filled the air as the magic of their friendship spread its aroma all around. 

Oh man! I cannot believe it. You are finally getting married.” Karan exclaimed to Bhargav, breaking their embrace. “Yes, even I cannot believe it. “ 

Karan:Bhargav- the-oh-so-elusive man of the college, who was forever running away from girls and romance has finally got hitched and is going to get married in less than 24 hours.” Karan chuckled checking his watch for a moment before joining Bhargav in his laughter. 

Bhargav: “Come on man! Stop pulling my leg so much. It is high time we all should settle down. I just followed the due course of life like each one of us has to do. We need to abide by the laws of the society. You tell me, the chocolate boy of the campus who had girls swooning over him all around, what happened to your love story? I remember you hinting at it once that you would only have a love marriage. So is it that you never found love till now or is it that you have found love and are waiting to get married to her? Out with it all… NOW!” 

This statement from Bhargav drained the colour from Karan’s face. He suddenly started fidgeting with his hands. Noticing all this, Bhargav got worried. He took his hand into his, questioning him with his eyes but got no answers. 

Karan: "Long story man! Leave it. Not the right time. 

Bhargav: "Who said that? I have all the time in the world. Anyways logically a marriage is always preceded by a bachelor’s party. So consider this as my bachelor’s party with my best friend. I will just get some nice wine for company. It seems in my absence your life has been filled with some chapters unread by me. Time to read them tonight. "

Bhargav quickly went downstairs to get glasses, ice cubes and wine for their impromptu session. He threw across some pillows to make the sitting arrangement comfortable and thumped on it once done, signaling him to join. After a long spell of comfortable silence Karan broke it. “Sneh that was her name. She was my patient. Not exactly but was referred to me by a junior doctor and I in turn had referred to her to a very senior doctor in the city.” 

Bhargav started smiling, “ Aha! Sneh…. Nice name. So where is she now? Did you propose her yet? Don’t tell me she said no I won’t believe you. Or do you want me to speak to her? Then we can plan trips together as couples like we had decided in college.” 

Karan without responding to the smile or the questions just continued, “The day I had first seen her, she was pale like a white sheet of paper. Dressed in a pair of casual t shirt and track pants her hair was combed into a simple ponytail. I had reached the hospital by my usual time to see her waiting in the corridor. She was my first patient that day. What caught my attention was the fact that she was alone. I found it a bit strange but overlooked it."

- To be continued (Part -2)

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