An infinite helping of Chicken Soup

21st May 2001. I remember the date very clearly. On that bright summer afternoon I had
gone to the nearby library just like everyday and told the person at counter,” I am done
with this book. Give me some good book to read.”

I had my summer holidays during that time and to keep myself busy I had become a member
of nearby library. I almost completed one book in a day and used to go to that librarian uncle
everyday with a demand for “some interesting book.” This day was different than the
rest as today he introduced me to Chicken Soup for the Soul series. His words still ring in
my ears,” Read this book and you will remember me for your entire life.” I just smiled and
left taking that book along.

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As I started reading it, I realized how true he was. I was shivering with joy, shedding
copious tears, laughing aloud and chuckling in delight while reading the stories. And that
day began a life long affair with the chicken soup series. For an 18 year old young girl it
was the window to an entirely different world which was beautiful and full of surprises.
No doubt I kept on asking for more and more, and it has never disappointed me till date.

Since then there has been no looking back as every occasion in my life has been celebrated
with Chicken Soup and I have enjoyed it sip by sip basking in its warmth. I began with the
1st helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul taking the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th helping
over the coming years.On my 21st birthday I presented myself with the  
Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul. I had finally turned into a woman, armed with my
degree ready to take over the world- definitely a moment to celebrate!

As I was about to complete a not-so-successful year in the corporate world I treated
 myself to a 2nd helping of the Chicken Soup for the Women’s soul – for all the
tough times I faced professionally and all the strength I displayed to just sail
through it.Amidst all the deadlines and meetings there was a sense of something lacking
experienced by me. No amount of distressing could make me feel better.
At that time Chicken Soup for the Indian Romantic Soul came to my rescue
making me realize that something lacking was “love” and it helped me rekindle my faith in true love.

Having recently ended a long relationship I was wandering aimlessly trying to understand
the intricacies ofrelationships where I landed upon Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul.
Then came the year 2008 – the year when there were blasts in Mumbai which shook our
country. The huge level of mass destruction had shaken me up very badly making me
question life as a whole. There at the airport waiting for my flight, I came across the answer – 
Chicken Soup for the Indian Patriotic Soul. There was a time when I was diagnosed
with allergy to cocoa making it impossible for me to eat chocolates. Not to be disappointed
by this, I celebrated this occasion with a Chicken Soup for the Chocolate Lover’s Soul
as a tribute to my love for chocolates.

With the passage of time and the ups and downs of life my soul had been battered.
It needed to berejuvenated. I was trying everything from meditation to yoga to
help myself when I got Chicken Soup for the Indian Spiritual Soul as an icing on the cake.  
Chicken Soup for the Indian Women’s soul has been the cherry on the icing making me feel
proud to be an Indian Woman. While Chicken Soup for the soul @ work has
helped me face my work-related issues more strongly, Chicken Soup for the coffee-lovers soul
has helped me revive my love for coffee.Once again Chicken Soup presented me with a
wonderful gift in the form of Chicken Soup for the Indian Bride’s soul as I was preparing
for my wedding.

This year ended on a very sad note for and the only thing that could cheer me up was a
miracle. I always used to hear ASK and you will get it. This time it happened to me.
I asked for a miracle and it happened in the form of the  
Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul - A book of miracles.

The list is endless. Today I have got close to 20 Chicken Soup Series titles which are
very close to my heart and I would not trade them for anything in this world. I already
have a wish list ready and have plans to addto this gradually as time comes gracing each
occasion in my life with yet another helping. Chicken Soup hasretained its original flavor
at the same time adding a different tinge to itself each time to cater to the zillionneeds of my soul.
For me Chicken Soup is my companion who has grown up with me and witnessed my
coming of age.

From a teenaged, confused college goer to an independent strong woman-
All this time Chicken Soup hasbeen like a loyal friend for me and I have never
ever felt lonely again. Whenever in trouble I know whom do I need to reach out to –
my collection of Chicken Soups and I get answers to all my troubles every time.

During times of distress the various stories have helped me gather strength and
provided me with reasons to smile. Time and again I have narrated stories from
Soups to encourage my friends during their toughtimes. I have hordes of incidents where
Chicken Soup has come to my rescue and has acted like a dependable agony aunt
providing me with timely solutions.

I am sure very soon it will be time for my own Chicken Soup or so rather aptly
put in Indian version, My Own Tomato Rasam!!

How true that librarian Uncle was…… I simply cannot forget him for
introducing a new world to me. Iwould just like to say to all of you –
Librarian Uncle and the Chicken Soup team;

THANK YOU so much for presenting me with a friend for lifetime.

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