Random Thoughts

Few years back I had met with an accident resulting into a serious injury on my knee which took couple of months to heal. Recently I have an injury on my right hand which might take at least a month to heal.

You must be wondering what is the relation between the two? Let me explain.

I love dancing and my injury at that time just did not allow me to do that. The willingness to dance coupled with the physical inability to do was a deadly combination for me to deal with. Today this hand injury does not allow me to do something I love- write. I have restrictions for hand movements to abide by. Having contracted the infection of blogging so recently it is very difficult for me to NOT write. Moreover I took a New Year resolution to write one thought on a daily basis in this New Year [ Read them daily here] in memory of a very loving person who is no more. Till now I used to make fun of people who would break their resolutions, but today for me it takes a real attempt to do that. Even typing this much is a huge effort me. 

I learnt every injury we undergo is life's way of showing us our limitations .When we overcome them we learn how to face difficulties and emerge a winner. Life has such a beautiful way of showing us few wonderful lessons. We take so many things for granted in our lives and realize their importance when we no longer have them. Funny huh!!

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