Time for some celebration

Hey.......... I just realized my blog is about to complete a year on 8th March. I chose that day as it's International Women's Day which for me is something very special.

Source: Google Images

For the year 2011 this blog has been one of the most wonderful things to have happened and I am enjoying every moment in this blogging world. I am overwhelmed with the warm welcome I have received from all of you fellow-bloggers....

To celebrate this occasion I am planning to open a Facebook/Twitter account for Privy Trifles. Though I have never been there, I am sure just like this blog it will be fun learning a new thing altogether.

Birthdays and anniversaries are occasions which are very special and  they definitely need to be celebrated all the more specially.

I would request you all to please share any interesting ideas you might have to mark this occasion for.

Looking forward to more interesting ideas from you.... :)

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