Sheer Bliss!!

I have recently added a section to my blog called the Mindboggling Monday- Book reviews where I do  reviews on some of my favourite books. I have also joined Blogadda's book review programme to get to read the best books in the world first :)

This Monday I did a review on A Calendar Too Crowded [ Read it HERE] as a part of BlogAdda's book review program. This was my first book and it has touched me very deeply. It has not only moved me but also motivated me to try and be a real woman of substance. This book has become all the more special as it was my first book after joining BlogAdda and it has left a very deep impact. I am really looking forward to more such books from them now !!

I shared the review with the author , Sagarika Chakroborthy and her views on the same on her blog have left a HUGEEEEEEE smile on my face....

This is the nearest I could get to showing the real expression on my face right now[ Picture Source: Google Images]

Wanted to share my joy with you. [Read the Author's Blog ]

I am truly honoured to recieve this appreciation from her. And guys I truly mean each and every word of the review. Would recommend strongly you all read it and do let me know your views on the same....

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