A special letter to a special sister

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Though I don't have a real sister I have been lucky enough to have met some wonderful soul sisters on this earth. One of them got married recently and this was my wedding gift to her:

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It still seems like yesterday when we had got our dolls married with all the pomp and show. And today you are looking like a beautiful doll yourself in your bridal finery. Words fail me when I want to express my feelings and I am sure you understand it. 

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Each and every moment has carved a special place for itself in our childhood memories which make it very pleasant to look back upon. Even the fights, the tug-of-wars still make us giggle. When I look back and think of the wonderful times we have had since childhood, it makes me feel proud to see the confident young lady you have become today. The masti we did, the games we played, the arguments we had and those tears we shared……..all these things tied us into an unseen bond which keeps on growing stronger with the passage of time. It is a bond which is there for today and tomorrow with a promise of being there for a lifetime. Today though the games have been replaced with busy schedules, the masti still continues. Amidst the forgotten birthdays, rushing deadlines and unpredictable tempers we have still managed to have our own share of bitter-sweet memories which manage to make us smile even today. 

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The little birdie that was constantly chirping in our house has now become a bird ready to spread its wings and take a flight of its own – discovering new things, leaving the known behind, trying to unveil the unknown.

I know it all might seem like a roller coaster ride – eager to take it; but at the same time scared of boarding it. I would only say relax, smile and sit back to enjoy the most wonderful journey of your life where you will create memories which will last a lifetime and make you smile when you are old.

I also want to tell you; you come across as a wonderful human being who is loved very much and who has always strewn love and laughter around. I am very sure wherever you go you will spread your warmth, cheerfulness and compassion to make it a heavenly abode and win everyone’s hearts. 

Remember like always, you will be surrounded by people who love you and care about you for what you are. You are truly cherished as a younger sister for all the sweet moments we have had together. With all this gyan I would also like to give you something else – A promise. A promise to be there forever anytime you need me, remember me I am just a phone call away always. 

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Loads of love
Yours Dee

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