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I write a diary daily where I scribble some thoughts about the day. They are usually shared in the form of Daily thoughts. In the beginning of every month I have a ritual of naming that month and writing what I am looking forward to in that month and on the last day I write how has been the journey.   

So there is a Fabulous February where I am looking forward to a fabulous vacation with my loved ones, a Motivating May where I am feeling very low and looking for some motivation in that month. This month was Surprising September as I wanted to be surprised. I wanted to just go with the flow, take things as they come and be pleasantly surprised at each moment. Does it work? For Me it has till now. Every day when I open the diary I look at that page and remember what this month’s Mantra is. Then I let my thoughts drift to what has happened today in that connection

This month till now I have been flooded with surprises. I have got so many awards on this blog; I got to review a book which is yet to-be released. I got selected for couple of other book reviews. I have been able to read some amazing books this month which I was not expecting. I travelled this month to new places, clicked some wonderful photographs and am travelling again next week to one of my dream destinations. I wrote like crazy, completed a few stories which were hanging mid air since ages. Met some wonderful people and received some gorgeous unexpected compliments too!

So here's another one for my blog:
~Thanks IQ for such a lovely comment and a wonderful award~
 I am truly privileged to receive the same!

For you IQ :)

There was a time when I was scared – scared of strangers, scared of internet, scared of meeting people and scared of making friends.  But these 1.5 years of being in blogosphere and couple of months on FB has made me realise how wrong I was. I have made some wonderful friends here which I never thought I could.  I just want to say to each one of you :

- Telling me some of the most amazing facts of life which no book / school could ever teach

H - Helping Me know many new things about life and most importantly about myself.

A - Accepting Me as I am

N - Nodding in agreement to all my nonsense

K - Keying in lovely comments every time

Y - Your constant encouragement

O - Occasionally bearing with my rants

U-  Understanding the unspoken.

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