Arranged Love - Part 3 ( A short story)

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The story ahead:

Her dream man – Koel thought fondly and the immediate next thought was Siddharth. She got startled as the realization dawned upon her. Yes, he was her dream man. Every bit of it - loving, caring, sweet, thoughtful, considerate, warm, affectionate, jolly, respectful and adorable ; the only thing missing was being vocal about his feelings. But whoever got everything they ever asked for!

She wondered if this was true what was stopping her from fully accepting him and letting him know her feelings. Nothing was the only answer she got in return of that question. She threw her thoughts at the back of her mind and began to work at office. Time and again she would come back to her thoughts only to shake her head rigorously and start working again. Soon it was lunch time. At the canteen as Koel was eating she heard faint strains of the song ‘ Teri Deewani..’ by Kailash Kher. 

Oh...No! Not again…’ Koel exclaimed. In the college when she was flaunting her proposal this song featured in it. Koel felt this song would express her feelings the best. She continued thinking about Siddharth as she heard that song with a huge grin on her face.  All of a sudden she got up to leave and bumped into her colleague Sudha almost spilling the food on her.’ Oooppsss….sorry!!’ she said. Sudha asked, ‘Koel…what happened? Why are you in such a hurry?’ ‘Nothing, have an important report to submit. Completely forgot about it.’ She replied as she dashed towards the corridor much to the amazement of her other colleagues.

Once at her desk she hurriedly opened her mailbox and stopped abruptly. She thought what if he does not feel like this about her. But then deep somewhere she knew irrespective of his thoughts she had to tell him what she felt. Before another thought could deter her decision she clicked on Compose Mail and began typing furiously.

Today exactly a year ago we have got married which was arranged by our parents. We began our journey in this world of matrimony as complete strangers. We both were new to this but we had come together because of destiny we decided to give this our best shot.

We got to know each other and became friends as that made surviving under one roof easier. Both of us had lot of dreams and expectations maybe from the wedding which due to various reasons could not get fulfilled. But today when I look back I have no regrets about anything.  I could not have been happier than I am and today I want to confess something to you.

I love you. I don’t know when and how. Was it when I fell sick and you nursed me back? Or was it that night as you held me when I cried on my grandmother’s death? I did not realise it till now. All this while I kept on believing love was magic and when it will happen I will come to know instantly. But I realised love is like an infection which catches you unawares.

We might not have had our dream wedding and I could not fulfill our dream of becoming a bride. But in the last one year life has given us enough reasons to make our dreams come true now.  Tonight I want us to begin our lives afresh and renew our wedding vows meaning them from our hearts time time.

Waiting for you and your reply,

Koel did not know what made her write all this, but then love was known to make people behave in an unexpected manner. She smiled as she clicked on send with a very hopeful heart. Her entire day was spent in doing two things – refresh her inbox half hoping to see a reply from Siddharth and in planning a surprise for him in the evening.

To be continued...

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